A season for everything

Hello! Welcome to my blog.

Let the truth and unspeakable joy be upon as you come to visit and read every article written with love and compassion. The innermost feelings, thoughts and experiences compiled in a way that brings out positive vibes, motivation, strength and hope. My personal experiences, adventures, travels and deep love with God became the inspiration as my pen remains scribbling as of today. I have found my purpose here on Earth and still working for it. May you find yours as well. The God’s perfect will and plan for your life.

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Nice to collaborate with you guys : )

My School Diary

Morning breeze nudging me to stay alert because perhaps boat will speed me off and I might dive at the edge and find myself floating along the river. My number 1 concern is, my passport and my laptop that contains my grades and other …

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Teacher’s Table

Teacher’s table. Teacher’s world. Teacher’s point of view. Breaking up words. Nudging wonderful brains. Making the most of the time. Teaching, speaking, understanding and breaking the rules of abound. I’m not quite sure how those tiny worlds fly across the room. They were dancing. …

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Keep it burning

Hello everyone! It’s been a while since I stopped scribbling letters on this site. I’ve been busy with my work, duties which consumes my whole being. As I continue my day to day basis of teaching, I forget to sustain the pages on this …

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Apart, we are nothing

It’s been a while guys without talking to you with my scribbled words in this portal. I have a busy and rough week since I’ve been accepted in a new family (workplace). Adjustment period, fun-filled moments and savoring experiences were jammed-packed in one. Well, …

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