11 Choices that can change your life positively

We are all desiring for a good and happy life but sometimes we are unable to grasp it due to some circumstances that prevent us from attaining success. There are choices in life, well, I mean, millions of choices in life that lead you to many doors and possibilities. But right now, I want to share to you the 11 Choices that might help you in changing your life positively. Yes. Positively : )

1. Choose to dream bigger

An amazing ability for us human is to manufacture dreams. A vision and a goal for the next coming years which you are desiring to experience and achieve. A delightful insight about this is that you cannot just make a simple or common dream, hence, you are given the ability to double or triple the size of it. Once you put a certain goal within yourself or would like to be on a certain place whether it is about your career, business,  financial status and studies, you will surely got to hold on it! Your desire and dreams will be your fuel in achieving all these things. It will all starts in dreaming, dreaming bigger, performing the best of what you can and pursuing all the desires of your heart.


2. Choose to seek the “unique” version of you

There is so much thing that you should love within yourself. Sometimes, you are unable to determine your “own gold” because you are looking at other’s treasure. Try to understand yourself first and be happy of what you have right now. You are unique and perfectly created by God to perform His will and purpose here on Earth. There is nothing  to be jealous and to be envious of all the things and from people around you. Just remember that, you are entitled to make your own unique story not just following the world or pressure from your peers. Your creativity and your choices will definitely shapes the “most beautiful you” inside out.


3. Choose to find solution to problems than complaining about it

The most common negative trait on us is our hobby to complain and complain and complain. Endless thoughts of giving up and creating murmurs of negativity.  How amazing it is to see a person instead of bringing out the problems is that he already created a solution for it. Life will just be so smooth once you set your mind on finding the solutions that complaining all the faults and cracks about your life or about the things around you.


4. Choose to be surrounded by positive people

Be smart in choosing people. The peers and social groups that you are belong to will have a great potentials in contributing in your success or will weigh down your opportunities. Choose people who are positive in all things that will have a contribution in your personal, social, spiritual or career growth. Definitely, if you will be with this people, motivation and reinforcement will give its way to your life’s breakthroughs!


5. Choose to be brave in all circumstances

Never ever be defeated by your own fear and confinement! You can do all things through Christ who gives you strength all throughout. You are His child, claim that you can achieve whatever you desire if you will struck down all the giants, obstacles, reservations and infinite fear within you. You can do it! Just believe : )


6. Choose to be happy

Choosing to smile and choosing to be happy will definitely makes you a happier version of yourself. A smile and laughter are manifestation of a happy thought. Be happy and be the sun brightly shining amidst all circumstances. Your joy is contagious. It will be transferred to the people around you. Be their source of motivation by lighting up your own life by the colourful dust of happiness : )happy.jpg

7. Choose to let go of your past failures and move on

Move on guys : ) If yesterday is not that so good to you, today is another chance to furnish all the errors or mistakes. Remember to unlocked all the chains of the past that bothers you until now. You cannot move on to the next level of your life if you are still carrying your loads from the past. Your failures from the past will not dictate your future. Your present matters the most right now. Be smart in your choices and be free from any self-doubts. You are worthy of second chances and remember you are dearly loved.let-go-1024x585.jpg

8. Choose to set your mind on positive things than negatives

Positive thoughts means positive life : ) Set your mind on positive things than seeing the negatives. All forms of positivity will enhance and gives joy to your life. It will deliberately adds success in everything you do. Be reminded that your actions and attitude will also affect your social life. We know that people don’t want to be around with negative thinkers. Maybe, you will end up all alone if you grow this attitude within yourself. Be positive and  be a contributor of a happy environment.


9. Choose to forgive

Yes. Forgive and let go. If people around you disappoints you by any means, just let it go and forgive. Clean your mind and heart from any form of bitterness. Free yourself from any anxieties and worries from your broken relationships . Fix everything and continue running the race. Every brokenness has a lesson dwelling on it. You just need to catch and learn from it.


10. Choose to believe that greater things are yet to come in your life

Yes! Greater things are yet to come! Never lose your hope that brighter future will be coming to your life. Attract positive thought in all aspect of your life. Expecting means you are declaring within yourself that these desired things are really about to happen. This is a good characteristics if you really want to be successful in your life endeavors.


11. Choose to believe in God and surrender everything to Him alone

Above all of this, we cannot really make it all by ourselves if we are not connected to the will of God. To be successful, we need to surrender everything  to Him. All our desire and prayers will not be put to vain if He is our ultimate Captain. He knows you. You cannot do all the above 10 list if you are not surrounded by His love. He wants us to be victorious in all our undertakings. Let Him be part of our life; in every success and our failures.


May the list help you guys : )

Whenever you are right now or you are experiencing something in your life, just remember that you are dearly loved.



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