21 Signs: How to spot genuine people around you?

Here are the list on how to spot genuine people around you. Take note, this are based on my own experiences and observations.

1. Genuine people never talk behind your back instead they will confront and inquire about the issue directly to you.

2. Genuine people are not “gossip bearers” of negative trash about you. Instead, they spread good news and satisfying achievements you have in life.

3. Genuine people are not afraid to say an appreciation towards you. They love to ” build” you up instead of “breaking” you down.

4. Genuine people are those who are pleased by your mere presence than the things you could do for them or any help that you could offer. They have a good and correct motives in building a relationship with you.

4. Genuine people laugh and rejoice with you when something good happens to your career or life.

5. Genuine people are usually those who are “open-minded” and talk directly to your face if your actions are not pleasing to their eyes. They won’t hide it and later on gossip to your colleagues about your actions. They will totally wreck your face with the reality for the sake of your own good than not telling you the truth because it might hurt you.

6. Genuine people are the best leader, they will fill you up with both praise and comments just to make you grow in your professional field.

7. Genuine people will never underestimate you instead they see the best in you.

8. Genuine people never see you as a competitor instead they see you as a motivation.

9. There is no room for jealousy in genuine people’s heart.

10. Genuine people creates a great part in all your undertakings. They provide you with genuine support and guidance.

11. Genuine people accepts the things that you want to make in private. They won’t be having a drilling machine just to know something negative about you.

12. Genuine people respect your relationship. They will be afraid to lose it because of any misunderstandings or any means.

13. Genuine people prefer a deep talk with you rather than a small talk of “hi” and “hello”. They will try to know and understand you.

14. Genuine people will never leave you blank space instead they will let you see things clearly especially on the perspectives of other people.

15. Genuine people shut off doors of negativity and opens a new door for positivity. They will try to build a peaceful community rather than planting explosives amidst group of people.

16. Genuine people know your worth rather than your past stains.

17. Genuine people will remind you about the possible consequence of your chosen action than blaming you about the negative results at the end.

18. Genuine people are consistent, they show the same personality towards you and to others. They are not two-faced human beings with multiple personality!

19. Genuine people will not say “it’s okay” when you commit mistakes, instead they will try to correct you because they care for you and will try to prevent you from committing future mistakes again.

20. Genuine people will protect you from anybody’s misconceptions/false accusations about you even when you are not present during the confrontation.

21. Lastly, genuine people will never leave you and will treasure your relationship no matter what happens. Your relationship with them will be tested through times, but your appreciation, respect and love for each other will going reconcile both of you at the end.

Well, yes. It is sometimes hard to spot genuine people nowadays. However, life experiences and social connections will teach you how to be smart in building relationships with people around you.

All the best for your life,

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