25 Reasons why I thank God

I am writing this post just to express my praise to God. For this life that has been poured out with wondrous of blessings from above. This is my 25th year here on Earth. Years filled with love, dreams, lessons and God’s provision. Compiled with numerous of experiences, from simple to complex. Adorable and a not so favorable circumstances. From dreams to reality. And from a child to a young lady. From hopes to actualization of dreams and career. From a sprout to an independent standing-striving tree.

Yup. There is a need to thank God for all those amazing things and for those which are still in process. Coming my way and providing me strength to continue doing my purpose here on Earth.

Here are the list of 25. But, actually God’s love for me could never be counted, it is infinite. Instead, I would like to say these list of 25 are just the overview of all the things He has done in my life. I remembered writing all my hopes and dreams in my notepad when  I was 18 years old. I am happy that mostly of those things came true. Some of those were scribbled here in the list.

1. God never fails to show His love for me through my family, friends and people around me.

2. God never ever forsake me whenever I am in doubt with my own capabilities. He is my strength whenever I am knock down by negativity.

3. God shows His mercy even I am a sinner. He accepts me as His child. I am not perfect, I have lapses, flaws and short comings but God showers His overflowing grace upon me. Yes I am not perfect, but through His grace I’ve been saved.  And my duty as His child is to overcome any giants along my way and live my life anchored His words.

4. God protects my family.

5. God elevates my career through a process.

6. God is my vessel of knowledge and wisdom. All Glory to Him alone!

7. God continues to provide all my needs.

8. God develops all aspects of my life including my emotions, spirituality and social groups I belong to.

9. God has given me a talent that I believe will be my purpose in His Kingdom.

10. God let me see things in a way that could motivate others. I am desiring to be a “light bearer” among men.

11. God never let things happen without a purpose or any lesson to take away.

12. God provides people in my life that would elevate my spirituality.

13. God provides me sisters that understand and timely present as a support and cheerers. And brothers to lean on when things get rough.

14. God provided me a best friend that was tested by situation but still remains because He blesses our relationship.

15. God is my doctor. He is my healer. I am thankful that for 2 years being far away from my family, He serves as my constant strength provider.

16. God endowed an amazing avenue and places for my eyes to see. He opens great doors for me to stay in a foreign land. Travel and learn from people coming from different races.

17. He has given me an opportunity to see the other side of the Earth and work as a teacher.

18. He make things all possible, even those unimaginable things He makes it perfect in His time.

19. God provided people that brings out the best in me.

20. God supports all the things I love to do.

21. He makes me feel loved through the children I am with in the past few years.

22. God’s plan is much better than mine. It is not really my dream to become a teacher, but now I see His reason why I  became one and why my parents wanted me to pursue this career.

23. God makes my dream come true (riding airplane). I used to imagine riding on a plane by leaning my head on a tricycle ‘s window and looking at the grass as if they are trees in a higher point of view.  And it all became real! We are just going to be amazed by all His majestic plans in our life.

24. God performs miracle and protection in my family. He spare us from a destructive lightning when we were still young. He also saved my sister and I from possible drowning. Yeah. I still remember those moments. Truly, He saves and protects.

25. Lastly, I thank God because if not because of Him, I won’t be able to write all these things. I will surely remain as an empty vessel. All the adoration, praises and worship is to Him alone!

These are my list of 25. I believe, all of us has been receiving provisions from God through all these years. But sometimes, unable to identify and understands His ways. Don’t worry. All He wants is a perfect place and situations for you to grow and to live your life according to His plan. He is always desiring for the perfect and awesome things in your life! Just keep holding and put your full trust to Him alone.

Try to list down the things that makes you grateful by God’s presence in your life. I am 100% sure, you will be amazed by the results.



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