Why an accountant become a self-employed blogger and backpacker instead? (Career Path and Mismatch)

mismatch1Why a doctor skips being a doctor and pursue his career into being a rapper? Why a teacher chooses to become an private company employee rather than facilitate children’s learning? Why an accountant become a self-employed blogger and backpacker instead? Why does a company manager migrates to another country just to become a regular employee ? Why everything seems like a mismatch? Are we still negotiating with the universe for which and where we are really should be placed?

Well, it’s been a long time dilemma of DOLE-Philippines this kind of irregularities. From the start of  choosing a career and being employed in a work  where every sentence in the “job description” is completely a “NOT YOU” thing. First and foremost, why does an employee shifts into a different field?
Here’s the valued reasons I’ve got from this website http://americanenglish.ph/job-mismatch-dilemma-communicating-the-solution/
Top reasons, as observed by most career experts, why the job mismatch issue remains controversial to this very day:

  • Wrong choice of college course – either strong parental influence in decision-making, or taking a course pertaining to a job that is “in” (not because the interest is there)
  • Being too money-driven – Applying for jobs that offer above-average compensation packages, like those based abroad, despite not possessing the necessary skills
  • Being too choosy – unreasonable conditions or demands set by jobseekers when looking for or applying to jobs
  • The overqualified stigma – work experiences are beyond employer’s requirements for the job applied for – a situation that is not new to employees who wish to switch careers or lower their standards just to avoid unemployment
  • Cost-cutting measures of companies for relevant training programs – Not all employers allot the required time or budget for training new hires, who are therefore expected to be fast-learners as they go completely hands on as early as day one
  • Using connections in the workplace – There are applicants and employees who consider their relationship with a top-rank person in the organization as an assurance of securing jobs, while those who are more deserving end up unemployed or victims of career mismatches themselves

We are living in a world were everything should be organized and patterned. If your diploma says that you are a graduate of accountancy, education, psychology, business etc. You shall not jeopardize the flow as per norms and standards set by the society. Hence, adaptability took place. People are highly mechanized by the needs of the economy and industry itself. If there’s a cut-off in a certain list of jobs needed by the country, they shall let themselves try the other way. To be able to gain experience in various field and enhance their flexibility in terms of doing tasks.
By the way, it’s not just about the money matter or the economy. I forgot to mention the “CHOICE AND PASSION”. Why an accountant become a self-employed blogger and backpacker instead?  Finding fulfilment on what you are doing really counts. Happiness is a choice as well as your career path.
-Gemma P. Villamayor

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