5 Baggage you DON’T need to carry

Just this morning as I wave for a new day, hopping for work, I came across this photo illustration online. Thus, it just made me feel relieved and sounded a dialogue in my head “Yup, it’s all gonna be alright “. I just want to share these eyeopener statements to all of you guys who might be struggling with this situations.

Here are the 5 baggage that you DON’T need to carry all throughout your day and most especially in your LIFE.


Let go of your past. Past mistakes, failed decisions and choices and everything that hinders you to move forward. Let go of everything. Spill out all the rotten fuel out from your vessel so that new and fresh water will make your life start up again. Remember, don’t let your past dictates your future. You are cleaned, renewed and forgiven by the grace and love coming from God.


If guilt is chasing you all the time and in all situation especially when you are on the peak of doing good things, then, it’s time to break these chains. Be brave to stop all the noise you’re hearing inside your head. It is just an evil scheme for you not to excel in your chosen field. It is just a prepared quicksand for you to stumble and an hammer for you to be broken again and again. You are already forgiven. You’re shortcomings, sin, past mistakes and your walls of uncertainty has been broken down by the power of love coming from the Lord. He has deliver us from all our sins and transgressions.


The reality you’re facing might not be congruent to your expectations. Giving your desired expectation to your job, family, people around you and even your health might all fail you. You’re dreaming for a better life or promotion, yet your expectation seems to diminish in a way you just lose your hope. You just let grains fall in your palm. You might be expecting too much from people around you, that’s where you encounter bitterness on the later part. Thus, people are also like you. They also have their own shortcomings, limitations, weaknesses and strengths. Giving a towering level of expectation from everyone and everything is not the perfect way to be. If you continue doing that, you might end up hurting yourself once outcomes arrived. You cannot weigh the entire universe and situations in your hands. Give it all to God. And let his will be done in your life. Yes. His perfect will for your life.


Forgive. Just forgive even people hurt you and cause you to stumble that leads you to unstable life. You are forgiven, it is a gift from God above. Let us also give this present called “forgiveness” to people who had done an out-standard actions and wrong doings against us. The bravest person in the world is not the person who is rich with pride but it is the person who knows how to shut the mouth of the lion by his forgiveness and humbleness of the heart. Let your mind be free from anything that threatens your peace of mind.


Here we are again! Human nature it is. Collecting negativity and drowning yourself in a deep sorrow of the things that are not happening yet. Yes. We are all born to be a future teller but mostly in a negative way. Instead of lifting your spirit with positivity that you can do things sometimes you just blame and underestimate your own capacity. Bringing up trash and negative spirit will never ever brings you success. Bring down the walls and giants of fear inside you. You are born to achieve greater things than what you expect. You can do all things, unimaginable things, if you commit it all to God. He will give you strength all throughout.

Time to unload these baggage that swift you away from the shore. Bring only those positive and desirable take aways. Keep moving forward in a sense of increasing mobility, light, stress-free and positive mindset. It is all we need. Simple yet beautiful life.

Be free!


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