5 Lessons a millennial should ponder

As your clock runs up and you’re starting to reach maturity levels in all aspect of your life…you will start to realize few things. It could be simple but it will definitely part of the rudiments that will hone you as a person ready for tomorrow’s battle field. Changes and lessons will be learned as part of your training ground for the future where it will just be you at the center field. A field filled up with responsibilities as child to your parents, as a citizen of your country, as a friend to your friends, as an inspiration to the younger generation and as a co-worker to your colleague. Your life will expands and your influence will stretch out horizontally and vertically.  This means that, you as a person, as a tiny bud will grow and bloom in the near future. So as early as now, try to overview the 5 lessons that you should learn as a millennial.

  1. Learn to know your priorities.

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The world has prepared a volume of distractions. It could be your phone right now while studying for your midterms exams. It could be your one-sided love and becoming so weak and uninspired to study because of that heartache. It could be your hobby that consumes the most of your time. It could also be your own way of thinking that set off the limits of your productivity. Guys, learn to know your priorities. Our priorities is dependent on our age and way of living. The priority of the student is different to those people who is working and to those who are raising their family. Our timeline entails our priorities in life. Thus, you need to ask yourself if what you are doing today represents your desired “future self”.

   2. Learn to value all the things and relationships that you have.

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Learn to value all what you have right now especially your family. Instead of complaining about the things and opportunity that you don’t have, learn to seek those blessings that you have right now. Your parents are the most precious blessings that you could have as a child. Value them more than anything. Your friends, your colleagues and even your neighbors…let love dominate any misunderstandings. Be thankful of your material possession because not everyone has the opportunity to have those. Be contented and be reflected on the things worth valuing than bringing up all your complains.

     3. Learn to wait and be patient.

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There is no danger in waiting. Perhaps today it wasn’t your time to have that opportunity or breakthrough because God is preparing for a more precious career for you. Not everything in this world could be yours in the same period of time. This comes like a ladder, level by level. Once you step up from the first block, the second and the third will be more steeper, more challenging and more fulfilling. Indeed, there is no need to hurry and expedite all the things and situations in your life. Learn to wait and be patient. Greater things are yet to come in your life.

     4.  Learn to save as early as now and indulge yourself in some sort of professional growth-training programs and education.

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Well, yes. Try to be economical in all your spending. As a millennial, you are one step closer to being a father or mother of the house. There will come the time that you are going to build your own family. So, as early as now, you have to be smart in managing your income. Don’t get me wrong on this. Your savings could not just be in the form of money in  a bank…it could also be your education. Try to give a shot  for your professional growth or additional training and certifications. It is a great form of investment. Be sharpen while you are still young.

      5. Learn to enjoy life.

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Learn to laugh. Learn to explore. Learn to travel. And learn to utilize your money for enjoyment. However, it should not exceed and be above your priorities. Travel and explore cities, provinces or even countries once in a while but always talk to your wallet and bank accounts…are they prepared enough for that? Yes, there is a great joy in travelling but it is a must to be financially prepared for it. Enjoying life is not just about being in a one stand point going to a far away places. Enjoying is mostly depends on you and on the way you live your life in a happy note.

Hope these list somehow help you guys. In one way or another,  I hope these words be a mirror for your reflection today as a present millennial of today’s society.



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