5 reasons why “comfort zone” is considered unhealthy

We are so dearly in love by our own comfort zones. All the time, in all aspect of our life we deeply rely on the things that makes as safe, secured, stress-free and out from any form of chaos and struggle. We want everything to be smooth-flowing and worry-free day because we’re familiar already with the things that need to be done and the things that should be prioritized. It is just a perfect flow of a liquid to a tube! Everything seems to be predictable and you will know the results of your action even without putting so much effort on it. Thus, you created your own scripted dialogue throughout the day. Nothing much more to add, just the same measurement of your yesterday.

Comfort zones here could manifest in your career, relationships, personal issues, social group, opportunities, family and other areas of your life. They are widely sought as a refuge amidst this challenging world nowadays.

But, come to think of it. How does comfort zone mold you as what you are right now? Is it still healthy and helpful in your personal growth? Or it serves as a chocolate-coated marshmallows that is awesome to taste yet will give you toothache and unhealthy lifestyle at the end.

Here are five reasons why comfort zone is unhealthy.

1. Comfort zone makes you stagnant. Preventing you to grow and discover more things about yourself.  A very usual thing that people do is they let all situation flows in the same pattern. When they gain confidence on what they are doing, they remain on the same spot, doing the same thing over and over again. They take on hold the opportunities and creative ideas to improve their own craft. Thus, at the end they let things pass by without acknowledging its value towards their growth.


2. Comfort zone makes an imaginary line from the things you are currently doing now and from the opportunities that might come to your life. There is multitude of possibilities and opportunities that comes along the way. People were given a chance to choose and take hold on the things that they can do as they live here on Earth. There is no shortcut for being an astronaut or a doctor, it undergoes a process. Just like human, they have a dream or aspiration in life, however it should not only stop there. Writing it on an essay paper is not the end of the actualization of your dream. They need to be flourish and put into reality. If you are in a situation that you are aspiring for something, for more bigger things, right now you need to stop day dreaming. Time to make an action of all the verbs in your head!  Remember, not all opportunities are the same. They won’t come back once we let them slide in our hands.


3. Comfort zone leads to a boring and same-patterned-knitted life. It will burn you out as time goes by. Perhaps, this is the most widespread unhealthy product of comfort zone among younger generations nowadays. From an active and creative mindset, clinging on to our comfort zone will make our brain weak and go in a roller coaster with the same speed and height. At first, it will excites you and gives you a challenging perspectives, but as the time passes by, if the level of your work remains the same – it will burn you out. As the cognitive development as well as our social skill promotes, we need to take stand on the ladder level by level…our step should be increasing. Maturity level must be tested by situations that comes along the way. We cannot improve in any ways if the situation are not that challenging and interesting to us after all.


4. Comfort zone hides you from reality or rather your escape from reality. The biggest problem among human beings is they want to be pampered by positive response among group of people. They have this kind of “marginalized” listening, they only want to hear things that appears to be satisfying and non-threatening comments about their action and behavior. They usually forget that growth are being grilled up from the most disastrous scene they could have in life. It may come from mistakes,  being scolded by a boss,  a angry-monster-shouting customer and anywhere else that test your patience. Comfort zone leads us to people that we think would understand and protect us, however, it is not their job to trigger the maturity button within us. We need to stand by our own feet. We cannot remain hiding when we hear gun shots and bombs in our surroundings or any unfavorable circumstances along the way. The best way we can do is to find the way out and experience all the things that life could offer without fear.


5. Comfort zone has nothing to do with contentment, sometimes you are just afraid to take risks. We might mistakenly brand our comfort zone as a spot of contentment. We might forget to assess how we really feel about the decisions we have in life. Sometimes, being inside our comfort zone is just a manifestation of our fear to take risk and go out under the scorching heat of the sun. We are afraid to  go out without a security and a life-long back up plans (which is really good). However, let us not forget that life brings us vast of stars. We are meant to bring-out  our purpose in every occasions and situations in various context. There is much more treasure of gold in the field than what you are holding in your palm right now. Don’t be afraid to switch if the situation calls you to do it. Perhaps, it is the moment of your life that you are waiting for to happen.


Let us all aspire for a holistic well-being among us by being smart in all the decisions we have in life. Comfort zone is a life-saving boat especially when the world is covered out with fog, but it should never remain like that. We need to get out and find out the amazing things we could discover among ourselves. There has a lot of opportunities that will wave at you as you step up from your own built-up boundaries. All you need is your confidence and trust that you can do it whatever it takes.

Be strong,


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