5 Reasons why you should not Quit

Just a friendly reminder today my friends before you start moving backwards and start thinking about quitting. When you feel like things doesn’t have point anymore, let this message inspires you to just keep going on. When you feel burdened and unable to comply the things that requires you to do, just keep going on. Let that small steps lead you to a bigger and amazing road of opportunity.

Here are the 5 reasons why you should not quit.

1. Your growth and achievement depends on your choices. It depends greatly if you choose to continue the race even it’s hard and challenging or just lay down the flag and quit. Remember, bigger opportunities cannot just be contained in a small lakes, mostly it is found in the oceans. For you to learn to swim, you must not just dive in a bath tub, you should open your field of experiences to other bodies of water. The same way, you should not be afraid of the situations or opportunities that you think your capabilities is not enough to sustain its requirements. Instead, be happy that this situation will truly mold you to a more resilient, mature and knowledgeable person that you can be.

2. You are an inspiration to others. Yes, you heard it right, you are. In one way or another there are people who sees you as their light. It might come from your family, friends, workmates and people from the outside and even the person you just about to meet today. Each of us has that unique characteristics that could inspire others. It might be on your way of life, words, advices, smiles, stories, life testimonies and even the way you speak. So, there’s no way you think of quitting right now. Don’t dim your light because somebody needs your light especially on their gloomy days. It is an awesome thing to be an inspiration in a world that is filled with discouragements and negativity.

3. You have a greater and brighter future ahead of you. Quitting will just stops all the plan that God has prepared for you. We never know how wonderful and successful your life might become someday. Perhaps today you’ve been in the lowest point of your career, encountering troubles and conflicts and you are questioning your own worth for something. Just remember, it is your point of “refinening”. Not everything will flow smoothly. You will encounter problems along the way but never lose your hope. Continue on grinding and working for your desired quality of future. Remember that everything that you ask for prayer and partnered it with hard work, surely, God’s blessings and provision will come to pour out. Your future depends on the decision you make today. Be smart on your choices.

4. You are covered and surrounded by multitude of blessings that sometimes you fail to recognize. Sometimes, people fail to understand how blessed they are. The simple things that sometimes unrecognizable because of the small forms of problems they have in life. But, try to count all your problems and good things that you have in life. I bet, good things in your life is still greater than your worries and problems. Blessings are in the form of your health, your family, love ones, relationships, friends, jobs, colleagues, opportunities, even your freedom, your food to eat today, your ability to speak and express yourself, your ability to spend for your clothing, your recreational activities every weekend, your safety, your talents and most especially today that you still wake up from last night’s rest. These are all blessings! Every brand new morning is just a message for you that even yesterday’s situation is not that good, today is your opportunity to start the good vibes again. Regain strength and enjoy every moment that is only limited for humans like us. We never know when will our clock will stop ticking. We need to enjoy and make the most of it.

5. You are made to be a winner. You are made to be a victor. You are made to be an overcomer. In all situations that you feel your boat is about to sink, please remember that these things are your testings. You are undergoing a certain process, maybe to level up your career, your influence, your growth and even your treasures. Never let any giants create a corner of fear in your mind and heart. If you hear voices that disappoints you, that distracts you, that makes you feel weak, that makes you worry about something, that creates anxiety, that makes you feel small, that says you are not worth it. Do not listen to that voice anymore! It is just an evil scheme for you not to be able to achieve the things that God has already prepared for you. It is a distraction for you not to see your purpose in God’s kingdom. You are an overcomer! By the grace of God, you can do all things because you are made to be victorious in all sections of your life.

I hope these few remiders help you to keep going no matter what happens. My friends, don’t let your present and future be infected by the sorrows of the past. It is a brand new day! Enjoy and live every second of it with a happy heart and seeing God’s love in your life.


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