7 Sins in the Digital World 🌎

I believe somehow we’ve all been guilty feeling atleast some of these as we continue to drive through our daily life using all modes of social media outlet in this digital world.

Here are the list of sinful acts that has been continually grinding people as they commit their precious time using this media tools and letting these manipulative apps control their emotions and social interaction towards others and towards themselves.

If you have some of these applications in your mobiles and computers; maybe you could relate.

1. Tinder – Lust

2. Yelp – Gluttony

3. LinkedIn – Greed

4. Netflix – Sloth

5. Twitter – Wrath

6. Facebook – Envy

7. Instagram – Pride

Sometimes, people’s perception and views in life is triggered by these factors. Instead of being contented and happy of what they have, they tend to be overpowered by social schemes. This turns them to feel isolated, sad and incomplete. They tend to compare themselves to others. Thus, it leads to an unstable peace of mind and feeling of being unworthy.

Thus, being so indulge and involve in social media somehow leads to a destructive mind set and open the window in commiting sinful acts.

Indeed, it is okay to connect to people in a digital world, but we need to keep in mind that the reality is infront of us right now not on your mobile’s screen.

(credits to google photos)

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