A baked-Life

As we grow older, we are going to accumulate various lessons in life. And all these things will add up to those broken pieces that will eventually complete the whole-masterpiece within us.

Yup. We will all encounter brokenness in one way or another at some point of our life. Once you know how it feels to be happy, you will be visited by loneliness sometimes. It is just like running to the two sides of the court trying to escape from a speedy ball thrown up in the air (targetting you).

Life is a mixed up of emotions , baked in one oven. The taste will be dependent on the ingredients you’ve put unto it. It can be salty, sweet, bitter, sour and tasteless. Yes, it all depends on you.

Bringing out the best on you is the most fulfilling things to do. Beyond all these noise and negativity…our life would be greatly satisfying if we could hear the voice of positivity within us. The world is so perfect in discouraging us. They even create the stigma of hopelessness and isolation. Our broken personality and problems in our social life is greatly founded in the world and environment we are living in. Once we don’t know how to breath amidst this toxic community, our whole-well being will eventually die in the process. This includes our dreams, aspirations and plans in life.

There are millions of possibilities that is perfectly portrayed by the stars in the universe. Our positive vibes is just pronounced on how the stars twinkle even to the darkest nights. This means that without putting the blame in our past or the situations that we are currently facing, we can live the life we are dreaming of. Our future cannot just be contained in one single vessel. We are made by surprises and perfect plans. Broken dreams are not existing instead dreams are just being refined before it will be granted to you.

Remember to live your life. Never be an inferior by your own thoughts. Don ‘t become a slave of your own built temple of frustration. The world is so beautiful for us to live.

Enjoy the sunlight. Enjoy the moon’s reflected light.


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