Monday morning is the door for a long working weekdays and an exit for a short resting weekends. As an effect, people usually get caught in a mixed whirlpool of emotions: wanting for a more sleep and striving to get up for work.
Thus, sometimes this emotions were mis-understood or sometimes lead to conflicting dispositions between people.
Maybe, today while you are sipping your morning coffee or you are doing your daily routine in your working area; all of a sudden you will be caught in a conflict. Mis-understanding and conflicting ideas occupying the same place at the same time. This equivalent to a “rough day” ahead trembling your peace of mind and positive vibes.
If you have just experienced this kind of encounter today, or maybe you will be going through this someday, just keep in mind that we are all human beings. We shared sometimes the same weaknesses especially during Monday morning! Our body needs (especially if someone is sleep-deprived) and our emotions if being pushed down to its limit will surely cause conflict.
We just need today an understanding spirit.
Just remember that we have our own stories. Other people have their own too. We never know what kind of situation they are having right now. Be kind. And never indulge yourself into a fight; verbally or physically. Remain in a motion where your mind and heart is under control. Keep calm and release any negativity that is wrestling you down at this very moment.
Good day everyone!
Blessed monday morning 😊❤️

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