A daily Doze of Something ✔️

It all started with a poetic melody, like a screeching bus over the ramp. The melody gets softer and lighter once it come to pass. It gets into your brain like a speeding wheel over and over again. That momentum when all arteries and blood passageway in your brain functions like a subway 24/7. I yearn for the eye of calmness over the raging sweeping storms. Cracking the shell of peculiarity and testing the sweetness of water in a dark-aged-forgotten well. In your subtle persuasive dilated voice, you hear your own speech being shred into little tiny confetti by your own ability to speak. Thus, this day won’t be long. Let this day be a history of hardly toasted bread bun breaded with honey-mayonnaise-buttercups to make everything soft and sweet.
Cheers for the day ! ❤️

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