A little fleeting life with shortcuts. A bigger and better life with process.

There are different corners and edges that life will let you see. They are sometimes made up of challenges, opportunities, learning, realization, maturity-level situations and encounters (with people or decisions). As we grow maturely, the road seems to be becoming bigger and it lays different path with numerous possibilities. Possibilities with outcomes that we cannot really hold into our own hands. Sometimes, it just bursting out because we cannot contain it by our own small vessels. Thus, we realize to be able to experience this huge manifestation of blessings we should be ready for it. We have to make sure that we have prepared a much more bigger vessels with its connected tubes for us to share those blessings to other people as well.

These days, we have seen our own peers achieving their goals in life. They are quite perfectly performing well in their own chosen field. We, sometimes asks ourselves why are we still stuck in the same scenario? Why are they blooming yet you are still on the same ground? As I’ve learned people have different life stories. We have different past, present and future. Sometimes the things that are happening to us is not congruent to others because the Lord wants us to have a unique life story. We are singularly unique among the billions of people out there. God will use every single one of us in His perfect plan.

Perhaps, you are there still praying for something to happen. Maybe you are still in your knees praying for financial provision, career growth, health and all the blessings in your life to prosper. I tell you, God is always there. He knows every strand and everything that your heart desires. He wants us to understand that he delays something not because we are not worthy for it or He is punishing us…He delays because He is still working for the best things in our life. He doesn’t want to process everything in our life through shortcuts. He wants it to be pure, intricately made and perfectly presented to our life. I am happy to know how God moves in your life story. He is not yet finish in writing the most exciting part in your life. Keep still and God will do everything perfect in His own timings.



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