A new phase; A wheel of change.

I am on that phase where circumstances attack on me (career)  and leaving me on the ground with only a sole parachute destined to one particular place. However, as I’ve assessed, this type of new phase has been organized and simply dictated to conform with the acceptability of the social groups I’ve been into. Leaving me a single choice, their choice for me. Well, I told myself, it is a matter of acceptability. Changes is good once you’ve learned to embrace it.
Perhaps, the main reason why there’s something hurting inside of me of this certain changes because I’ve put my heart and mind on this 100%. Teaching and being with the kids has been on my blood stream since I’ve found my passion unto it. The simple things of being their guide academically, socially and emotionally had been scribbled on my palm. However, we could comprehend that changes is massively involved especially when your students are growing and stepping to higher level. They said, independence must take place. I understand it fully that this is the point where the system push you to perform detachment on these student’s lives and looking at them on that stainless glass. The imaginary stainless tube that prohibit you to communicate with them daily and physically. It is definitely hard for me especially when it has been a daily routine for you to be with them and be a release center of their thoughts, dreams and problems (like how to mend “friendship 101”). Touching student’s lives in simple ways like reinforcing them to be that kind of students that you believe they could attain, not that comments  from surroundings that generated mainly using their one-sided assessment.
It has been my joy to be part of their little world. To be their cheerer in their football match, to be a co-astronaut on their space world during Maths and slowly catching them to wear their parachute and be back 100% to the classroom. To be their motivation emotionally when friends button engine doesn’t work and look for the cause or leak and patch them off. To be with them in their most favourite site of google, the dinosaur world but draw them back to earth safely. Haha! To be their daily diary even their weekend get away were written comically on my brain. To be their tranquilizer when sugar rush takes them away from the learning spot they should be in. To be their lifter when they failed on  Chinese spelling test. To be their co-dreamer when world says no, but we both says Yes! I told them that their is power in dreams, because I am a product of my own dreams. Sometimes, I wear the eyeglasses of strictness, when things got worst and they suddenly develop traits that are not acceptable in the group. And lastly, I am their mother by heart and sister that they could freely call in times of laughter and trouble.
I don’t want to feel like a  “reminiscing vacuum” at this point because the gravity pulls down water on my eyes right now.  I believe everything works together for good. I slowly accepting that changes is pivotal in human’s life. It changes my life, it changes my student’s lives. And these changes will just adhere a new chapter of our own adventure where characters will change in different seasons of the story.  It was my delight to be part of their story. Well, new things for my career.  Hoping for the best! God bless.

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