A promise of 10,000 steps a Day ✔️

It is not my thing to record any moments or extra ordinary something in my life. Hence, these certain promise ventured a little twist in my daily routine. As a human being, we are all struggling to do the morning schemes until afternoon and successfully caps the day with the word “productive / worthy”. Yes, we are all looking forward for a meaningful day. In that same way, we will be worthy for an afternoon tea or coffee in our lovely veranda while listening to the mild December breeze.
Three weeks ago, I have written an article about health and wellness. Hmmm…some sort of that stuff. From that I have verbalized my oath to stay and be healthy as possible and make an extra mile of exercise while running through my daily routines. Sometimes, my weakest link (I think it is applicable to all of us) is making commitment in our beloved healthy schemes of life. I know, we all undergone that tremendous and dramatic moment when we let go cups of rice in our lunch breaks and gobble wheat bread instead. When we let go ice cream cakes, doughnuts, ice-cold soda and chocolates. I know it is really a hard stuff to sacrifice! Haha. But, I tell you it’s all worth it!

A step and a leap is all what it takes! You wanted to burn that naughty belly fats and limelight thief’s “double chin” ? Then, all you have to do is to M-O-V-E! Never ever be a stagnant fish in your old glassy bowl. It is time to try the Olympic-sized swimming pool and learn to paddle and hold your breath until you reach the end line. It is not enough to walk along the four corners of your office or tiptoe in your room. Time to run on the race track or walk along the busy streets and  alleys. This is what I mean by bringing you the 10,000 bucks? Haha…I hope these steps are convertible to money. But, this is more than that sum of money…this is health. Our number one wealth.

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