A simple act of kindness ๐Ÿ˜Š

Today, as the daily routine in my workplace takes place, I’ve been blessed to encounter a simple act of kindness. A generous action that came from a colleague who is the least I’ve expected since we’re from different departments.

So, here it goes.

It is not the usual social experiment thing; but I think it goes that way.

I went down from our office and take a stroll for a moment for a snack time. I don’t know what went on my mind. I make my way and meet my friends and colleague on their duty since parents in our school are present today. I asked them if they have anything for snack. One by one, I smiled and asked them. They smiled and answered with an apologetic tune, they didn’t have anything to offer. Actually, I am not that hungry to ask for food, but there’s something in me that seek connection through people by the aid of food. Maybe it is just a strategy to swipe away the spirit of sleepiness within me. Haha ๐Ÿ˜‚

Then, a colleague suddenly talk behind my back.

“Where did you go last Songkran?” (4 days national holiday here in Thailand)

I don’t remember what I exactly answered, but what I’ve burst out from my mouth is “Do you have food?”

“There is… in our office”, swiftly heading to the office and handed me a full bag of slice bread.

This encounter really created a huge realization on me that amidst everything else…we could still experience generosity and kindness without expecting anything in return. This may come from people you’re expecting less to help us.

Giving such kind of kindness can make a difference. It could express joy, hope and somehow motivation to others to keep going. That life is still filled up with good vibes and sensitivity with other’s needs.

Perhaps it’s your turn to make this difference. Kindness is contagious, a domino effect, an action that could change life and perception. We never know its end tail, the positive riffle effect it could create.

Time to spread kindness.

I’ve experienced this action today. The fruit of the spirit.



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