A week-long summer with God’s strength and provision

It is not by my own might, that I have put in place everything that was scheduled. From leave form, plane tickets, travel by land and air, attend family gathering in the Philippines, going back to Bangkok after 4 days, take the brain cracking final exams from 2 major subjects in Masters and finally going back to work in a correct brain posture.

It has been a week filled up with adventure, decisions, skills enhancement, laughter and love. I have given a chance to re-unite with my family even for a limited days (because of my brother’s wedding). There’s really nothing on this Earth that could beat the sense of love that our family could bring. I could attest on to that. I would say…it is a gift from God. Every situation and opportunity is like a web filled up with God’s love, provision, guidance and permission. Whatever schedules, plans and appointments we are going to process, just give everything to God. He will surely make things into its correct order and you could achieve it in the best that you can. Again, I could attest on to that.

Believing that my sole strength and source of income cannot support all the plans that I have…undeniably God provided everything for me. I am just so amazed on how He moves in my life. My hope and trust and confidence in my own capabilities sometimes dim. But, God just perfectly lift me up from the sea of negative thoughts. As I prayed, He has provided me a wider scope and place to empower my purpose to His Kingdom. As a human nature, my mind declines. I am questioning my own capabilities . I am doubting my own skills and talents that He has planted within me. I know, this must be stopped. I am thankful that He uses people around me to increase my confidence and trust on Him. Truly, I cannot do all these things if I am the only one fighting for this battle. I was reminded that this battle is God’s battle for us as His children. All we could do is to pray. Prayer is the most powerful weapon we could ever have. Our plans is on its wonderful way once we lay it to Him. Fully. Surrender.



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