About Me

Travelling and experiencing new culture always excites me! I wanted to see the world; not only its beauty but also its flaws. Helping children and being part of community service is my goal. I am an educator, I love to teach. I am an art enthusiast, I have been longing for more doodle. Draw and sketch on the busy street. I am a writer. I write cause my mind blows the words away. Its like an anorexia, but it never emptied my brain. The world has a great platform and story to tell. So, I’m gonna strike these keyboards away. See. Explore. Experience. And learn!

Through God’s guidance I was able to see my purpose here on earth. One thing is for sure, there’s no accident in putting you in a situation where you click the links and visit this blog site. I know, there’s a reason and purpose for everything.

God bless!

Nice meeting you! 



Gemma Villamayor