All I can do is surrender ✅

As I grow in my Christian life, I come to realization that the word “surrender” doesn’t only mean losing in a battle. Or giving up. Or in the state of hopelessness. Or any negative feelings/emotions that can be traced to this word.

Surrender is an act of genuine bravery and self-confession that you cannot do all things. That there’s still situation in your life that you cannot control by your own hands. That you still bear an inevitable flaws and blemishes in every aspect of your life. That you still need perfection through the Potter’s hand. The hand of God.

You cannot be perfected by the world or any kings and queens of this land. Or cleans by rituals and justification practices and rights. The only one who could give such perfect justification for us is God alone through His son Jesus Christ. He knows us very well. He is our creator, he knows all our weaknesses and strengths. He mastered all the parts of our life that needs to be fixed. If our life malfunctions, He generously press the “rescue button” automatically once we call upon His name.

We cannot fit in the whole universe in our brain, so as we cannot experience miracles and wonders in our own life without the blessings from Almighty God. Blessing in a way that He permits us to maximize our potentials and opportunities.

Total surrender is all that we need. Surrendering our life to God fully means total freedom. Freedom from bondage and forms of worries and anxiety.

There’s no weakness in surrendering. You’ll find strength on it especially if you surrender it all to God.

All the best for your life!


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