Apart, we are nothing

It’s been a while guys without talking to you with my scribbled words in this portal. I have a busy and rough week since I’ve been accepted in a new family (workplace). Adjustment period, fun-filled moments and savoring experiences were jammed-packed in one.

Well, beyond all these busyness, I am delighted to speak to you now. Relay things that is a total change over in my life. I believe somehow it will also make effects in your own life.

So, here it goes.

We are living with our daily routine. Waking up, heading for work, meeting the deadlines, accepting offers, targeting their expectations and going home. Resting yet your mind still climbs with thoughts that is all about your work. On how to improve your working ethics, your strategy and on how to homogeneously mix with the diverse personalities in your work place. Yes! 24/7 right?! This is totally true especially if you are like me who is new from a work place. Everything should be measured, things will become experimental since not all will be taught to you 100%.

My dear friends, whatever you have right now, I believe it will be on its finest if you put your passion on it. If you put your heart on it as well as your determination to do that task, surely, you will succeed. However, let us all be reminded that we cannot do all these things alone. We need to be connected to people we’re working with and most especially to God. Let God takes control everything. If you have burden about a certain events or task, do your part but give it all to God first. Let us be connected to Him. We cannot bear fruits if we are apart from Him. Thus, whatever things that consumes your time right now, if it is files of work, annual activities to participate or a mountain of papers on your desk. Remember, you are just a human. We are weak, our body cannot do what robots can do 24/7, sickness could easily makes its way in. We cannot also rely in our own talents and intelligence. They can both deteriorates and die without us knowing it. Your money and your looks cannot tame all the things in this world. Your attitude and your character should remain intact in a way that will give glory to God.

Let your light radiantly shines in your workplace. That’s the best way to glorify God. Creating an atmosphere of hope and happiness amidst the world filled with negative vibes, surprises and changes. Learn to walk in silence but let God be your lamplight.

You will succeed in all your ways! Let Him be our center. In all the things that we are doing, acknowledged Him. He will put everything on its proper place.


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