Arts upon a time. How a little girl paints the subtle emotions of the world?

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Once upon a time there was a little girl who loves to draw using twigs (as a stylus) in a mud-covered soil. She loves when it rains, but what she loves the most is when the rain stops so that she could draw lines, shapes and figures in the soggy land forms. Since Philippines as her native land is a tropical country, she also uses banana leaf as a flat form of her Thumbelina illustrations.
Schooling is never been boring once she has a tiny sketch book on her palm. She never uses that in taking notes because she got pity with the page. She wants to bring justice with the paper by mending a smiley and heart-shaped-spacecraft rather than bullying it with numbers and terminologies.
One day, she looks up in the skyline and traces the bubbly cumulus clouds gathering along the mountains trunks. From that moment, she learned that Mother Nature also draws! Amazing! She could see baby riding in a train, sheep, buildings, robots, aircraft, boat and all characters that she could imagine.
“Your imagination is the limit.”  She always swears as an end rhyme of every thought at the back of her mind. She leap from one point to another and ride with a pen with no point. Yes a pen with no sharp point. Well, probably she’s thinking that there’s no point on crafting lines and figures if the vertical and horizontal swigs of her pen never reflects her emotion instantly with that sharpness. She just loves to scroll down and rub her fingers to the sponged- ink and charcoal of her pen.
For her the world is an stupendous canvass, an arena of written visuals and symbols. Each were given their own pen to write their own meaning and find its own worth. Therefore, the capacity of our  art will always depend on how we manipulate our neurons transporting within our brain.
One day, the little girl wander into the land were gruesome humanoid surfs from the east to the west of the city. She tumbled from valley to valley and hang her own shoulder bag in the cliff of a mountain called-Mt. Forever. She rummage for her sketchpad and her cracked-pencil case. Sit under the edge of the sneaky rocks and set-off her feet in a free-fall air. She could smell the lemons harvested from the 11th Street of the North, she laughs and wish perhaps she could have one cup of it. Turning her head back, her heart suddenly collapse when the terrain of magnificent valley kisses the crimson sun. She just want the peacefulness of the crowded-trees swaying like a ballerina. The time has come for her to spread her own wings and fly and paint the skyline.
Perhaps it would be great if I tour you to her mind…learn the twigs, thoughts and not-so-creepy-but-awesome-inspirational-weird-motivational-barbs-creation-by-heart-and-by-hand.
Her eyes incumbents mystic looks. A weaver dancing along the river. Paralyzing the  passerby’s attention. Never to return again.

It’s okay to run. Yet, your soul will remains on the same vantage point where your heart makes it’s own graveyard.

Work. Perform your duties. Make Excel, Worksheet, Powerpoints, Statistics  and Calculations but never suppress the childhood within you. Write and draw it down. Like a free popcorn,  it will satisfy you.


Maybe, a mom likes to pause for a while and paint the whole town.

The most beautiful thing in the world is seeing the colors amidst the darkness of valley that cripples your vision.

A wanderer and protector of the  mountain. This diwata tightly grips her longing that someday her prince will save her from this loneliness.

I asked for perfection and sophistication. I am into brands and luxury. The world is huge mining grounds for diamonds and gold mines.

She is “Masaya”. She was molested when she is only 8 years old. She rarely eat thrice a day. She doesn’t go to school. She became a street vendor. Now, she’s a guest relation officer in one of the clubs here in Malate. She never speaks but she’s always laughing. She is always masaya.

One of the boys. As much as she loves to eat, she also loves to rap. She’s the only girl in the group who has the guts to write a rap songs and deliver it to the crowd.

From a tribe who exercise monarchism, this young lady took hold the crown after her father’s death because of  the poisonous bees-attack. From then on, she instructed the tribe’s guardian and soldier to never entertain buzzing bees.

She saw human and in the green land she set-off  her feet,  then for a little while —she calls them Family. A big brother.

Tata Lino with a thick-glasses, his wisdom is abundant like a flowing tiny grains of sands. I speak subjectively while he speak with emotions intertwined with logical explanations.

There will always be person in your life that will make you feel you’re still a child and needs a short-playtime for a while amidst the ticking seriousness among the group. A cracking of not-so-funny jokes and a laughter worth a thousand dollars.

It is somehow a need to strike a pose and smile.

Upside Down. A lullaby will always be tuned once in a while, the melody and heart-beats which  always rush like there’s a fire.

A wanna-be-comic art piece. When you believe that a crescent moon means a “smile”, you better study more in astronomy. And finds out how laughter really looks like.

Travel. Read. Tell. Fun. Skip. Laugh. What you see is what you get.

Learn to love thy father. Your father in the earth and your Father from heaven.

Sweetness of 70’s. An elite young lady who feel asleep among  the hills of hays  after a night party. She tumbles in darkness and drunkenness in the middle of the field. The next morning, she fell in love with the farmer’s son and after a month they got married.

Minions. This little weird creatures gives a smashed of good vibes to all televiewers.

She asked for forgiveness yet what she got is a whip.

Someday I will fly and touch the sky.

I fall in love with the rain.

Wishing you a happy birthday!

Learn to hang-up the phone and be brave enough to abolish routinary activities. Go girl!

From then on, the little girl learn to speaks not in words but by heart and crafts. The sparks to write the emotion of the world set a sunrise on her life. This little girl will rise and finds her worth. Draw. Sketch. Sleep. And Pray. And find Meanings.
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  1. You draw yourself once and every time you asked others to guess who is it, you always get disappointed because it was supposed to be you but they said it’s me. haha How beautiful the sketch was!
    I love you for these sketches and many more. 🙂

  2. Jai it is because we are twins! Haha. We’re the banana and pajamas. 😁
    And from then on, I did not attempt to sketch myself once more. Haha because It will just looks like you.

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