BANG KACHAO: Biking around an island !

Wanting for a nature adventure ? Hmmm. Perhaps, I could help you with that. I am just so happy to suggest a place which I just recently visited. It is somehow a mini island nestled here in Bangkok where you could interact with locals, do some (hmmm ALOT of biking activities), chill out on a green park, soaking yourself with nature’s best spots, shopping in floating market and a lot more!
Bang Kachao (Thaiบางกะเจ้าis an artificial island formed by a bend in the Chao Phraya River and a canal at its western end. It lies south of the Thai capital Bangkok in Phra Pradaeng District of Samut Prakan Province. The island, covering 16 square kilometres (6.2 sq mi), has been traditionally agricultural with only a relatively small population. It is sometimes referred to as the “green lung” of Bangkok”. In 2006, Bang Kachao was named “best urban oasis” by Time in its “Best of Asia” series and is frequented by nature lovers and cyclists. (Google)location-bangkachao

 Can you see the lung shaped-island on this aerial view of Bangka Chao? Well, you are about to travel around this by bicycle! Exciting right?
How to get there?
The easiest transport so that you won’t waste your time looking for the place is through sky train. Get off from BTS Bangchak Station and wait for bus 180 (with yellow placard). This bus will lead you to the nearest Klongtoei pier. It will just take 10-15 minutes travel time going to the place. From there, you are going to ride a boat going to Bangka Chao.
Once you disembark from the boat, they will going to ask you to pay 80 baht covering the whole day bike rent , a bottle of water and a map of the whole place. Use the map to guide you in discovering the various places on the island. It will serve as your indicator to go further and never missed out even a single strand of worthy capturing-scenery. Apply  sun block because sometimes the weather will just let you realized, it is really a summer time here in Bangkok!
A variety of bikes in their colorful colours will going to await you. Once you have your own, let the game begins!
You will really going to feel the “stress free” environment once you soak yourself into biking. As the wind blows your hair and the pile of green trees meet your eyes, really a relief especially if you are living in a busy city life in Bangkok. A place for those who wants to escape the noise and pollution! Welcome!
Cherry blossom here! Just kidding. First stop is the Siamese Fighting Fish Gallery.
Complete your experience by making your pose in an IG worthy wooden gate. This is also a desired place for those who are fond of fish and other aquatic animals. Some of the locals said, sometimes the place is used as a venue for weddings and other occasions as the place impressed tranquility and nature wonders. Unfortunately,  I wasn’t able to get and see what’s on the inside that time because it only opens during weekends.
Next on the list is the Sri Nakhon Khuan Khan Park.
Here are some of the pictures taken.
The long bridge will just struck you with that “nature feels” ambiance. A combination of a green forest and lake.
There are also temples that you could visit; Wat Ratrangsan, Wat Bangnampueng Nai are just among of these.
There is a provided bike lanes for the cyclist, yet if you are really that brave, you will going to try biking the narrow small pathways which connects to the local homes and lead you to the main highway.
The park has cottages, an awesome place for you to reflect and sometimes eat! So much better to  bring your own food or you could also buy on local stores along the road. But for me, it is a great experience to eat lunch while feeling the breeze and seeing colourful fish on the lake. Just never leave any trash and be mindful to maintain cleanliness.
Don’t ever miss the  Bangnamphueng floating market. Although going to the place will really consume your strength and energy, it is worth visiting as well. You will find local cuisine in food stalls, refreshments, trinkets, shirts and many more.
It is also been used by seniors for their daily exercise with the native Thai music and dance. You will also be entertained with their enthusiasm and gracefulness in dancing.
Bangka Chao is a nice place to visit. A very cheap for a weary soul, I guess?  If you are burned out from the city life and stressful five days working load, this is a must visit. Yeah. And it is just minutes away from Sukhumvit!
Truly, nature heals and comforts you as well.
Don’t forget to invite your friends for this getaway!
Hope to hear from you soon and see also your stories shared on the net with Bangka Chao as the background.
Time to make more memories!
More love! Enjoy your adventure!

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