Blessings is on its way.

It is difficult to count your blessings if you do not know how to appreciate and how to determine if that certain thing is a blessing or just a co-incidence brought by the universe. If you are deeply in love with the constellation of stars and depends your destiny and things that is happening to you on the planetary alignments and zodiac signs…definitely counting blessings is more difficult than solving mathematical equations.

Where does blessings came from? First, to be able to understand the truth about blessing is for you to accept that there is a sovereign God that created us and knows what is happening in our daily life. You have to accept that our life is being molded by a Potter’s hand that he only wants the best for us. Blessings in a way that God permits us to things not similar to our daily routine and declares promotion upon our life. He installed various opportunities for us to grow and be matured enough to accept more blessings and it is heavier that the usual. This is some sort of blessing that comes in different wrappings that symbolizes fractions in our lives.

Perhaps, blessings for our household, financial blessings, work, people that surrounds us, your freedom, your good health, your harmonious relationship, your new career, your adventure, your smile, your laughter, your goals and your achievements, your mom and dad, the love that you’ve been receiving from people you barely know, your sense of connectivity to people, your influence, your territory, your peacefulness, your emotions, your heart, your shelter and your hope. Everything that is happening to you that leads you to grow your faith in Him is a blessing.

Unwrapping blessings will become much more surprising and needs a powerful prayer in order to deliver the purpose of these things/situations. Sometimes, we think that we are being attack by circumstances and trials but always bear in mind that in every storms there’s a rainbow of blessings. We just need to understand that the Lord doesn’t wants us to be like a dead fish, just flowing wherever it leads them. He wanted us to fight and claim all the pouring blessings that He prepared for us. Maybe, you are digging for that diamond for a long years. Maybe, you are waiting for that promotion for a decade. He just wanted us to be strong along the way and wait for the right timing on His perfect will and timelines. Never give up. For God never ever give up on us. He has prepared more beautiful things in our life if we continue walking with our faith and continue growing that mustard seed planted within us.

Gate of heaven is pouring out.

Never lose hope.

It is your season for blessings. Claim it. Be obedient and do your purpose in life that’s where blessings will overflow on your life.

With love,


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