Born to become a Teacher: Career, Passion, Choices

I became an Educator not by my  own choice…but my Mom’s desired profession for me. Well, yeah I think the saying “Mother knows best” is quite true. When I was studying, it is not really completed in my heart that I will indulge my whole life teaching kids and scribbling my lesson in boards. There’s still longing and what if’s in my mind. What if I had pursued my “Fine Arts” course or “Mass Communication: Major in Writing”. What if we have all the luxury in the world and the money so that my parents could send us to schools which offers these courses. There’s a lot of possibilities that I want to try. However, my mind and youthful dreams just draw it in the sand.

Being the first graduate of Education in our family line became an absolute “pride” to my grand father and my father. I saw it in their eyes that smile. They were really happy seeing me wearing my graduation “toga” with my diploma on my hand. My mother told me that they really wants someone in our family to become a teacher.

I was not in a hurry to get a teaching job that time because deep in my mind…I want to try new things. I was really exhausted from demo teachings, preparing lesson plans, all the documentations, all the records and activities in school. Brought by my curious mind and adventurous spirit, I jumped to a new career instead of teaching. I would like to experience the other side of the world before dedicating myself into the world of Education. I know that I brought disappointment to my father. He even play a joke to my auntie that he will going to my College University and replace my Diploma with other’s degree that comply with my recent work.

My experience while trying to defy my own path wasn’t that easy. I have experienced stress and bombarded by urgent matters and demands. I learned a lot on it since it also flourished my social skills. Meeting with businessman, talking to clients and doing reports which are not really my line. In the midst of all these things, I’ve come to realization that you will truly put your potentials and talents to the world which you are called into. The company that I worked to is daily talking about money, millions of pesos at stake in every mistake, approval and pleasing clients all the time. However, what I love on that certain section of my life is that I experience things which was far on my profession. I met professionals, businessman, superiors, office mate and friends who contributes a lot of what I have today. These people trained me how to deal with people under pressure.

I am certain that God allows me to exercise my “free will” in accordance to my career. He wants me to experience the other side so that I will realize that I was truly born as a teacher. That my heart and my talents are wrapped up on my passion in teaching. I was once a lost sheep ( if we are talking about career ), I want to wander…yet now I have found my home.

For two years, I have been into kids and teaching. I have found my heart on this profession. My creativity was established and my own craft was functioning in a way that would help children. This passion in my heart continues and there is peace in this place. I became in love with this profession through the years. Molding kids and teaching them in a way that will increase not only their academics but also grow their heart and compassion with others.

If God really calls you into a certain place, no matter what happens…if you follow His will or turn left…He will direct your path through your heart. I was once a lost sheep, yet He found me. He found my plain life and gives colours unto it through the student’s life and love.

I believe everyone of us is God’s vessel of blessing and goodness. I don’t know on what career you are in right now, but today…please feel your heart. Is that really the place you want to be? Are you delivering your purpose on that place? Are you happy?

You are the one who could assess all these things. Though the world has a lot of opportunities to offer, listen to God’s guidance and your own heart. If this two meets, definitely you are in the right track.






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