Bravery and faith: Pakistani and their rise and fall

13445569_1070237186383638_8758150572695532106_n (1)It’s been a melancholic past yet the love and laughter on their faces is a symbol of their resiliency. Their present is a  continuous battle but in a different setting. Not in their native land Pakistan — in Thailand,  a country known for its hospitality.
The joyful songs, smiling faces and the child-like run down of happiness  deeply conquer my heart during the most precious time I spent with the children from Pakistan.  These are  Pakistani Christians who have fled religious persecution in their own country.  I can immediately sense their compassion and friendliness towards people. Perhaps, their lives had been denominated by conflicts, wars, arguments, differences in beliefs, confusion, struggles and loneliness but they had stand on their own wary feet and continue to run their daily lives. I know  it is quite challenging to live  in a foreign land but what is more difficult  is leaving your country with no choice because of your  faith. The feeling of being deprived by your own freedom and rights are the most uneasy thing to accept. They have no choice but to leave their own country, their own life just to ensure  the safety of their children.
The sound of the faithful in prayer and song bursts out in a small congregation gathered during our mission. What leaps my heart is when they rendered a song of praise and worship in their own language. It’s impressing that even children sang every lyrics with full determination as if it is the story of their lives. Though I cannot understand the words they were singing, the emotion is being transcended  in every thread and rise and fall of the song. Truly, music is the most powerful force that human could create.
I never imagine that I will be part of a mission like this. Where I could immerse myself and have the chance to reach out those who are in need. It’s a privilege. It’s a gift. It’s a blessing. The world nowadays is a battlefield, our duty as Christian is to preserve a home for our brothers and sisters who are amidst the adversity of life. We can lift them up. We can embrace them and fill their hearts with love and compassion.
This welcoming milk tea is a singular taste of  the culture of Pakistan. I really love the aroma and taste of it. A  Pakistani family served as our host during our whole day stay  and they are hospitable and respectful. Their children were really awesome, they  already know how to communicate with people in Thai Language and in English for the past 3 years of stay here in  Thailand. They have a lot of stories to tell. How they went to school, their classmates and how they manage their life everyday.
These are the faces of success! Thanks GIFT for this experiential learning. I truly found home.

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