Busy Week but His Grace will keep us going

It has been a busy week for me. It is as if my brain has been filled up with “deadlines” , submission, study guides, decision makings, appearances, appointments, talking and random stuff that consumes my attention. My body has already put a statement of tiredness while my back aches as if reflecting the word “stop” and relax. Being busy with a lot of things.

Well, all things are meant to work out for good. I believe that and been praying for this. Along all the hardships and sacrifices, success will still congratulates at the end. Maybe I am at the midst of decision making and still grasping what to do next, but I put all my trust to God alone. My strength and human knowledge will surely fails me anytime but God’s guide and grace will remain in me forever. Whenever I am speaking to people and doing things that makes other people think it is exemplary, I put in my mind that it is ALL FOR GOD. I will never ever can do it perfectly if I will just do it by my own strength. I am praying that my crafts and my life will reflect the Lord’s beauty and love. Though the world sometimes gives a lot of failing moments, hopeless situations and broken relationships, the love of God will still present. His love endures forever. This is my motivating factor in my life today. So, though trains of workloads to do…I believe I could do it! I have my strength provider. Better than any vitamins and energy drinks out there. It is our God almighty.

It will be a big leap, I guess. Coming out from an environment that serves as your confinement for the last two years won’t be easy. It will be a huge mountain trails to be walked through. A new start of finding a trace of hope and bountiful oasis for my profession.

But God is always there for me.

His love never fail. Never runs dry.

God’s Love !


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