“Once your mindset changes, everything on the outside will change along with it. ” – Steve Maraboli
Our mind plays a pivotal role in shaping human life. It has the capacity to design and craft the real and imaginary perspective towards life. It is really powerful as it produce emotions and thoughts that could change someone’s attitude in a second.
How does mind works in the area of affliction and troubles? Amazingly, our mind seems like a double-engined machine that creates active thoughts in congruence to the current situation you are in at the moment. If you are attacked by temptation of “can’t” and “impossibility” your mind has to be pinched and renewed for a while. People who are suffering from illness is most likely become sorrowful and hopeless. However, God is teaching us to change and renew our mind set. If you are continuing to dream black and flow together with the toxic feelings of hopelessness you have…your body system will totally respond to it. If you take a medicine but in your mind you are doubting its effect; more likely it won’t contribute any healing in your body. Sometimes before pursuing the healing of your physical body; your wounded and dusty mind-set should be the first in line. It contributes in the inner and outer healing that you are longing. So it is a must to put your attention to the quality of thoughts you are producing. Frequently, assess and ask these questions:
Is this thought favourable to my current situation right now?
Is this God’s message or just one of the negative thread of message your sole-active mind is producing?
Is this thought could help you retrieve the vision and balance way of your life?
Is this thought brings forth healing?
Is this thought motivates you to live ?
Is this thought cracks down the wall of affliction and hopelessness?
Really, there’s a need to assess your thinking. Mind-setting is a powerful and complicated action and job to do.
If you want to be free from something you have been experiencing right now, you just have to change your mind set.
Mind set first then physiological healing will comes along the way. God is just so faithful to grant your prayers. Do not conform to the pattern of this world, God is teaching us to trust in Him alone. Not along with our own human understanding or logical reasoning. You will just be amazed to find His grace pouring in your life. Just help yourself first by renewing your mind. Then, God will do the rest.
Healing for everyone.
God bless. 😇

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