Colourful days ❤️

Paint your day with colours. Present it with warm and a welcoming spirit of joy. Wrap it with a multitude of lights and a greenery of hope. Surround your life with amazement and beauty. Get rid of melancholic vibes. Instead, strap every aspect of your life with morning sunlight. Time to relax. Get out from your compartments. Feel the wind. Touch the sky. And love your own smile. Your own laughter. Your own worth.

Your a painter. Co-painter of God. He makes your life a canvass yet He also hand you a paint brush. It’s up to you how to draw and to stroke and to choose your own colours. Bring out the best on you through that art. Your art. Your life. Your day.

Every colour. Every ink. Every spaces. Is worthy for colours and appreciation.

Nice to see your working with that colours today. Keep on trying. Keep on mixing.


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