Crossing over within your borders.

Crossing over within your borders. It is pretty usual for us to take our own mat once we reached our maturity age (or once we’ve have the so-called ‘stable job’). We take a partly percentage of responsibility of ourselves and sometimes make the necessary decisions using our own right hand. Sometimes, these decisions would trigger all our  senses and understanding that what we are right now is what we have decided back from our past years. In the same manner, what we think and do today will form our own individuality in the future. So, i tell you right now just believe the “domino effect” of life.
We have been through in various formats of life. We laugh in a certain moments of our teenage life, we cried over broken friendships and love life, we lay flat over the pile of overdue papers, we burst into anger when someone pushed our dignity aside, we shed tears over movies when the protagonist dies at the end leaving his behalf, we felt sorry for our parents, we declined opportunity, sometimes we take courage and wear our high heels on in a certain moment, we banished for a moment when we don’t like to be seen, we prolong our time with our beloved and cut-off some ties on people who don’t appreciate our worth and in a very unexpected moment of our lives we feel changed by the situation, lessons and people around us.
We are living in a world full of “people’s eyes” as laser beam. Imagine that you are walking in a nice greenfield that you think it is safe yet over the pile of hays are people who will shoot you lovingly. They will just be there and comment on how you live your life and never add any positive sense in your life. However, do not be dismay because there are the rest who will pick you up once you’ve stumbled on the mud (commonly these are your immediate family and friends). In this world, you will be mixed up to various people, opportunity, places and situations that will practically add to your experiences. These are the things that will bring out the best on you. Through times, you will just learn that you are becoming bolder and bolder and braver and braver. Don’t be a worry wart on times of trials and shifting of events in your life. If there are changes happening, just accept and be glad on it. Just believe that everything works together for good. And lastly, believe that you cannot do all these things by your own strength and knowledge. In everything you do, acknowledge our creator, our God…for He is the creator of our fate. He let us cross various laser beam of life and when we successfully  pass  it through, He is the first one who will be proud of us. This is not our battle, we are just His soldiers…our strength comes from Him.
We just have to be brave to cross the “special borders” that God has designed for us individually.

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