Cultural assimilation amidst Bangkok's traffic jams.

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You’ve been stucked in a traffic where cars and vehicles courageously form a widget of public train. Black and cloudy smoke runs out your breath and the nice thing is, it gives a nasty smell on your newly-washed hair. Instead of a 30 minutes travel time, you extended until your 2 hours lay dead amidst the traffic jam. The craziest thing is, even you wake up early, the situation on the road still the same.
I believe it has been written in some articles that Bangkok is one of the busiest city in Asia. The same with the place I’ve been into…Manila, Philippines. So, somehow it’s not a new hay to me. Busy streets, crowded places, food stalls in the sidewalks, fashion-and-girly outfits hanging along the sidewalks, cheap and adorable trinkets, fruit stands for refreshments, people shouting and selling their products, lively music in the bus and store for aesthetic products. These were the scene I’ve always been seeing since I am a commuter here in Bangkok.
The rush and the hour is definitely collided to become one. But, sometimes I am wondering why Thai people especially in the early morning doesn’t have compiled a single sweat? All of them; male and female still at its best and on their professional attire. Composed and well-dressed without rushing out and running while making their way to their respective working places.  I believe it is natural for them to apply make-ups on their faces. I am wondering how many hours they allocate to satisfy and aesthetically improve themselves. Because for me…maybe it will take the half of my day! (Haha!) Expertise has something to do with it. I deeply adore their time management. They never experienced to  transformed like  “flash”.  They crossed the bridge  like fashion novelty  and ravishing the morning light without banging their feet on the staircase. Ascend and descend without hurting and abusing their leg muscles. I therefore conclude, from the information traveling through my spine ascending  to my brain that they can do all of that because they have time-discipline. Well, I personally declare I am guilty and lacking of that attitude sometimes.
The thing is…being stocked in a traffic doesn’t mean your world stops. The clock is still ticking. Truly you’re not involve in a motor skills / activities yet your mind is processing information and absorbing the culture the road and sidewalks has to offer. Your eyes is taking photographs of people’s faces, corners, vendors, and street numbers. Massive information has being detected in your vision though your body is placed on that public seat.
Perhaps this is just a lyric with an experiential melodic tone I formed in my mind through out the time while riding a bus. This is a melody of a commuter in Bangkok. Somehow. Please bear with me. Haha!

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