Don’t let the world bring you down

Hi there! I don’t have an idea of what are the things that consumes you right now. Of what are the problems that troubles you and shoot your weakest point. Of what are the decisions that you are about to make today. But, one thing is for sure. You are never alone in your personal battle. There is God who creates impossibilities. Just jeep holding to His promises and His love will endures forever in your life.

We sometimes as human is predominantly engulf by the idea that we cannot pursue God’s desired path for us because we are not worthy for it. We mess with our life, infected by the worldly things, broken down by negative criticisms and shackled by our own personal chains. We tend to just let the world destroy us and let those voices fill our brains that we are incapable of doing something for the glory of God. In short, instead of standing up from that moment we stumbled, we just cry and let the world embrace our weaknesses.

When that very moment comes, when our spirit is weak, when everything is crashing down, we ignore His call. We make our own choices. We make our own formula to solve the problem. We rely on our strength. We forget to acknowledge His presence in our life. As a result, we fail. Failing and going back again to our previous path. Instead of rising up, we just let that voices ruin our present and the future ahead of us.

It is not the end of everything. Listen to God’s voice rather than men. Men are also  natural being just like you. They are not perfect, capable of sinning, might hurt you somehow, might forsake you along the process —– because your weakness is also their weakness. These are the reasons why we should only trust our full confidence to God alone.

Be kind.

Even the world attacks you so bad. Remember your purpose to God. He created you for a wonderful plan. Don’t let the world destroy it. Keep holding and revive that seed of faith planted in your heart. He is our ultimate refuge in times of trouble. God will always be our Father.

No need to worry.

You are in the safe hand if you are with God.

God has given His full confidence on us. He sees us as His prince and princesses in His Kingdom. So, why are you looking down and belittle yourself.

You are a child of God.

Never let that agony, your emotions, people’s perspectives, troubles and mistakes  dictates your position in God’s hand.

He loves us.

More than any kind of love that the world could give us.

You are worthy

because you are a child of God.



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