Dream World BKK. A place where you can meet your younger self residing inside you.

It’s the magical thing of the world that makes a joyful kid! Yeah. A bit weird but it’s true. We are being slowly fermented and nurtured by the society through the intensified precaution (do’s and dont’s) ¬†as we grow older. The sense of choices and imaginative minds were being decapitated as our mind resembles to practicality of life. Hence, farewell to our younger self. The 7-year old you becomes like a fog and mist inside the city dusk. Slowly disappearing as the time passes by.
But wait!
Better not to be a wrinkled-common-employee with a white socks on your leather-bag   and sleepy-head-during-night-after a terrible working hours. Pamper yourself! Need to relax and buckled-off all the loads and baggage that you have. Time to relax and put the wings of enjoyment covered by the  long time forgotten fantasy of your childhood years.
That’s what we came here for! Haha. Perhaps, that’s the most suitable shout out we could establish while me make our way to the dream land…DREAM WORLD, Thailand. ¬†We come across the idea to pin down “Dream World” in our map. We have grabbed ¬†the package group tour ¬†which cost 900 baht/ person maximum of 5 person in a group. The payment already covers the buffet (lunch) and all type of rides except the Snow Town.
Welcome to DREAM WORLD!!!
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Dream World Park has been divided into different parts and zones with specific group of rides such as Dream World Plaza, Dream Gardens , Fantasy Park and Adventure Land.
Here is the map with the designated rides and activities to choose from:
I couldn’t ¬†resist to make a loud stroke of excitement as our guide discusses the rides and landmarks we could visit inside the park. The fantasy land swung its gates open with the abundance of joy and capsule of thrill on the way.
The huge amusement park really delivers the spectacular experience for kids and child-at-heart adult like us. Haha! From that moment we stepped our foot on the ground, it is as if all the pattern of busy life in central Bangkok had vanished and the literature of prince and princesses has come to life.
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The magical town brought out the vessel of the younger us. We had savor the exciting shows and rides in its for themed lands, ¬†including a daily parade (which I specifically enjoyed) , games, restaurants and plenty of attractions to pose in. You will be rejoicing if you’ve bring your DLSR with you!
The total landscape was crafted by gardens with link paths to other attractions such as pools, castles and more than 30 exciting rides.¬†Corkscrew, Bumping Cars, Swinging Viking Boat, Roller coaster, ¬†Hurricane and many more. ¬†The Super Splash, and White Water Rapids are water rides to enjoy ¬†and please ¬†bring your own rain coat if you don’t want to get wet!
You will be amazed by how the whole theme park was built. The greenery and nature-inspired architecture brings you hundred percent to a new whole balcony of a fresh atmosphere. A combination of land and water park really brings forth an aura relaxing to all visitors.
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Yup…I’m waiting for my date to wake up! HAHAHA.

There’s a giant aviary which allows you to see and have a meet and greet with colourful birds that will just literally fly on your head. You can buy bird’s pellets and feed the birds which costs 20 baht per sachet.
If you want to be a farmer for a while or be with farm animals…this is a must visit. There are variety of animals that are residing at the center of the park; goats, dogs, cats, cows, turtles, fish and many more.
For people who love flowers; the place is ornamented with various types of flowers and plants. They even have a plantation of sunflower inside! Yeah…it is all about YELLOW.
Oooppss! Just trying to communicate with the Hobbits. HAHA! Knocking on their door.
Well, the day has come to an end. Time to get out from the park using this human-head-designed tunnel. Lol. Just kidding.
It’s been an awesome experience for a child at heart like me. Spending whole day in this park really activates and refresh my heart. Brings millions of laughter and good vibes.
Hope you find yourself visiting this place to.
Getting ready for a new adventure. Buckle up.
Good day!
God bless, brothers and sisters!
dream world
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