Everybody can be a hero !

When I was a kid, I used to believe in superpowers, magics and strange aura flickered in a twilight moonlight and gracious sunlight. Sailormoon, Sakura , Ghost fighter, Justice League , Dragon Balls were just among the shortlisted programs I am addicted during my childhood years. We don’t have our own TV back then, thanks to our neighborhood…I’ve seen the final episode of each movie-anime-programs.
Then. Now. This childish ideology of superpowers was reverted to my own grasps of realization. That somehow, we are a hero. I can be a hero. Everybody can be a hero. Using our own skills and talents and generosity and sympathy.   By helping ourselves to unlock  the chest of doubts and uncertainty. We are hero. We might get hurt yet these scars will heal as time goes by. We shall value our own strength cause this might be the last superpower our nation needed today. Be happy. Be a Hero!

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