Feeling Empty?

In our entire life, there is a huge space for laughter, loneliness, fulfillment, sadness, gratitude, appreciation, wisdom, emotions, fully charged-atmosphere but sometimes emptiness. Yes. Sometimes, it will just knock you down several times that you will forget the whys and hows to stand up. To find the light and start kicking on again. We tried to find it to our family, to our friends, to our hobbies, to our social media’s app and even some of us pays for an air ticket just to find out what is the missing piece in their life. Why they are feeling empty though the world feed them with various moving outlet of fun activities. But, there is still an undying emptiness within them.

Humans! Yes! We are not exempted when these anxiety attacks us. It affects all ages. When you feel that you are not enough. When rejections are just so massive that you just surrender and give up. When the most loved person you treasured just left you out. When the most tremendous and gigantic struggle comes into your life but nobody is there to cheer you up. In contrast, we could also feel emptiness when you have everything yet there still a seamless seconds of question;

“Why I am still not happy?”

Truly, emptiness is not only felt when we are lacking of something or we are struggling, it is also present in times of our victory and winning moment. 

Have you ever ask yourself this question;

What is wrong with me? What is that missing piece? Why I feel empty?

The question right now that I want you to answer truthfully coming from your heart and from your memory.

Have you ever been TRULY happy?

When was the last time that you felt that kind of happiness which is really genuine? That kind of laughter and joy inside of you that is unquestionable? That kind of happiness that breaks away chains of anxiety and guilt and loneliness and gives you freedom!

I hope you could tell me right now.

I believe we are all born to be filled up with enjoyment, freedom from any worries, endowed by genuine happiness and be covered with love.

We are all loved. I know that. That emptiness within you right know. I prayed that it won’t infect your future and your decisions today. Rise up my dear friends. Don’t let that distractions steal your future. Don’t let that feeling of emptiness dictates your worth. Don’t let loneliness becomes your brother.

We are all protected and treasured in God’s hand.

He wants us to be completely happy.

In fact, He is the creator of  LOVE and HAPPINESS.

He is your creator. He is my creator. Meaning, He knows our flaws, our strength, our capabilities, our needs, our future, our dreams and aspirations and our prayers.

All we need is to trust Him.

Let His joy be our joy. 

Secret formula to solve that “emptiness inside of you”.



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