Fill your heart with peace ❤️

This heart is so huge that it could fill variety of emotions, thoughts , love, hatred, dreams, hopes and many more. It is so gigantic that it could fit in hundreds of people. However, because this is so huge, it is also welcoming not only for positive vibes but also for negative waves.

Variety of emotions that is created through conversation, social interaction, relationship with people and self-identity. The waves of emotions and thoughts are just so powerful that it could clog our system because of rocks and stone. The peaceful and beautiful sound of the stream in our hearts suddenly became a rushing ocean floor with a whirlpool of trash thoughts. Peace has become an idea rather than reality. Your peace of mind was suddenly stolen because of that conflict and problems you’ve created by pleasing the crowd.

You’ve been running and looking for that certain peace. Yet, the world never stops its noise. It filled up your system, until to the deepest of your soul. You forget how to live a life with a tranquil mind.

Release your burden. Give it all to God. Fill your heart with peace. Unlock all the closed doors in your life. Fill them with love and peace. Treasure them and live the life that makes you a happier person.

Lastly, free your life from every chain that makes you an invisible prisoner. Submit yourself to God, there you will experience total freedom, peace of mind and lovable heart.



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