Flexible Family goes to Olongapo City !

Since summer really embarks new way of experiencing and mobilizing our feet to the innermost layer of mountains and the sea, here we go again exercising our freedom to navigate.
There are ways to travel for free and one of those is to indulge yourself in a company outing. Well, i guess its not applicable if your not working in a private/goverment company or any workplace composed of people and friends.
Summer dictates “togetherness” ! From all stressful and mind squeezing appetite of working days, its not againts the law to pamper ourselves with relaxation and a splendid vacation sometime. Yearly, our company facilitates this event. Family and relatives of a regular employee (maximum of 3 persons) are entitled to be part of this event. It is also a form of recollection and meet and greet of families and co-workers outside the pillar of the company.
As planned, were heading at Driftwood Beach Resort, Olongapo City. It took 11 buses to compiled all persons per departments. The road trip  started 4:00am in the morning and we arrived at the location at exactly 7:00am. As far as the travelling time concerns, I am still in awe while the bus crosses amidst the hills and mountain ranges of Pampanga and Zambales.

The longitudinal trail of hills reassembles excitement as breeze embraces even the singular thread of our jackets.
The world has been created to be appreciated. Away from the smoky and busy streets and outskirts of town, we are mobilizing our feet to touch the ground (sand rather) which is more fertile and abundant comparing to the daily road  our foot were rubbing.

We’ve swiftly aboard when the bus parked meters away from the shoreline. Firstly, i soaked my feet on the cooly-crimson colored sea. Haha! I wasn’t able to see the emerging sunrise while facing the stupendous water form yet I was able to congratulate myself for resting my eyes to this solititude view. Early swimmers were present and enjoying themselves at the splendid-blue-crisps of water. From all age groups they were all having fun playing under the sun.

         There are various forms of activities that could be enjoyed. Thankfully, there are those distinguished facilitators of the filipino games which colors  and energize  the place instantly. From “unahang makaubos sa isang boteng beer” to “luksong sako”  and foot race, every spirits were hightened up. Well, Filipinos were good at laughing until their stomach is twisted up.

Photo Credits to Sir Arnel Bongalos for all the Palaro photos.


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Wrapped up by the elated expression to join the flash of ocean water, we formed a group of ten (10) to rent an engine boat which will roam us from an island to another. Clear blue sky touches the aquamarine-kissed salty water and it  really gave  a giant slam on my heart.

20160319_084841          We have crossed islands with its own features of amuzement to offer ( typically resorts) ; banana boat, jetski, snorkeling  and other water sports activities. They really excel a lot especially in bringing out the  ultimate relaxation with thrill to all local and foreign tourist.

Perhaps the next 2017 Summer Outing of Flexible Family will be this great! Although, I can’t  be able to witness that, hope you guys will enjoy (no sad feeling ! HAHAHA ) . This family really means to me. They thaught me how to be less weird and grip to the things that are essential. Friendships,companionships and acquiantances   will always be more fun if we wrapped-off ourselves from the cocoon and enjoy on  what the Lord  is giving us. Blessings comes from people we love the most. They come from the smile and laughter. They will always be present and can never be deteriorated by any means.
Summer will  forever be  a chance to enjoy and put off our fitted-plain-old   shoes and soaked-our-stressed-body under the salty-vivid water flakes!
I’ll tell you, If you have the chance to fly  with a kite, don’t  just hold the roll of thread….fly with the kite instead! And you’ll see, it’s more fun up above the clouds while enjoying the aerial view of a blue planet.
Thanks Flexible Family ! ‘Till next time !
Happy Trip!

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