For all teachers out there! What is your pedagogy?

We were once wearing that tiny little shoe and proudly speaking to our beloved kinder garten teachers using our own patched-uncertain-grammatically-composed-words that yipee!!! We finally got how to tie our own pink shoelace nicely and knotty-neat.
Certainly, I’m writing this article for those beloved educators out there that teaching this younger generation is a combination of your past failings (which you wanted to revised/modified to an even meaningful experience) and the promise of the future critically engaging and promising processed way of learning.
Just this afternoon, I had the privilege to take part and listen to a wonderful curriculum guro. This certainly regain my once shaken-now-deeply-seated drive as an educator.
I know, all of us were taught during our college years, actually it was embedded millions times in manuals that teachers are facilitator of learnings. Yup! We must only be a facilitator of learning. No less than, no more than. It is like feeding a baby with a bottled milk, we should make sure that the water temperature is perfectly monitored hence, the experience of the child and his perception about that certain things will be affected.
Going back to our classroom, there are things that we are all guilty about. There are two things that teacher should not be doing inside the classroom because it explicitly breaks our covenant to be a facilitator of learning not a google teller of information!
Firstly, explaining things to students and sabotaging their own creativity and zenith-measurement of learning. Here , we are unintentionally cutting their way in exploring things because we let them utter answers base on what we want them to say. That’s why we explain things that will let them closely think on how we think as a teacher. However, bear it in mind that learners are special in some ways, they were not the same entity of jewels. Some shine, and learn if we put them in a replica of the universe and observe that revolution of the planets rather than writing the definition of universe and planets. Come on! What’s the use of youtube and videos all over the net! Use them up! 😊
Secondly, lecturing things to student words by words until we memorize the content of the book by reading it to 4 groups of classes and multiply to the number of years your teaching! Wooah! Does it sounds boring? Everyday, you’re stick out to that book and reading page by page and doing the same set of activities until one of your student’s will just tag you as Ms. Verb Agreement and Mr. Mammalia. I had remembered a real situation during my school years, we used to call a certain Language Teacher, Maam Tayutay because she talks about Idioms in a contently-bookishly-manner. Oh common! It is really time consuming to lecture them however there are much more than productive form of learning. Let them find learning by themselves. Sometimes, teaching are far more effective in action rather than in written words. Refrain from introducing the topics but much better to use video clips.
Our job is to promote platform for them to respond and produce their own answer. Spoon feeding is now a crime! No need for so much help! Facilitate student’s learning. Don’t sabotage their learning by cutting their own exploration/ adventure of learning.
allow them to say foolish things so that through process of questioning, challenge and revision, they may in time come say smarter things.” <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
ometimes we are drawn back to comment that the child is wrong because we want them to feel comfortable. On the other hand, we easily sprouted the word “No, you are wrong!” without understanding the impact it would create to their self-esteem and emotion.
We are not a judge to tell what is right and what is wrong. Hence, as it said, don’t teach just to make things comfortable to them. Teach them to realize they are wrong. Let them correct themselves first.
Have you ever tried teaching under the yellow maple tree or the tropical avocado tree? Let’s give it a gong!
One of the most important pillar of learning experience is the physical space. Here, we need to let our students, create his own learning space. Either he is more comfortable to solve the problem and write essay on the floor, let him be! This idea will cross out the traditional philosophy of learning that students tend to be just a spectator and listener sitting on that sleep-welcoming chair. Let them move! And by this, they will create the sense of ownership and in time produce them as an independent learners.
As shared to us , we educators must meet the following areas of learning. These are the exploration, conversation, collaboration, reflection .
Most specially, we should let them know the purpose of the lesson for them to create their reflection at the end of the lesson.
“if quality of learning is high it is impossible for them not to complete the written task”.<<<<<
Hidden curriculum is definitely the invisible shaping tool that is all time present in the four corners of our classroom environment. These are the things we unintentionally teach to students through our actions and chosen words. We will never know someday, you will meet a replica of your own because unintentionally you duplicate yourself to a certain student. So, better start planting a good natured-mustard seed because eventhough it is small as time passes by it will grow and endure the test of time and challenges that holds the future.
Let’s be ready to facilitate critical and processed learners.
Just give it a gong!
“don’t teach physics, teach what is physics, and who are they in physics”.
Cheers to all guro out there! 😊❤️

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