Genuine Heart ❤️

It is so nice to meet people who truly bears a genuine heart.

A heart that is so clear.
A heart that produces happiness amidst trials and difficulties.
A heart that simplified all forms of complexity.
A heart that talks what it really feels.
A heart that views the beautiful rainbow mist behind the darken clouds.
A heart that chooses to bear positivity rather than negativity.
A heart washed with humility.
A heart that speaks truth and chooses to get rid of lies.
A heart that shares love among people, even to the most unlovable person it meet.
A heart that knows how to appreciate.
A heart that forgives and ask forgiveness.
A heart that is so big, so that people who it really cares could feel comfort.
A heart that is so wondrous and can make the raging situation into a calm sea waves.
A heart that unify and serves as an intangible thread to bind people.
A heart that follows the truth and stands for what is right.

Most especially a heart that praises and worship God.
A heart that is always ready to serve Him.
A heart that lay down itself and becomes a servant.
A heart than humbles itself before the Lord.
I am praying that we can all have that genuine heart.
Even the walk is so difficult with many mixture of evil and temptations, let’s purify our heart.
Let’s love endlessly as the Lord Jesus Christ loves us even on the darkest page of our life.


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