God is in control

Before the day starts, I want to tell you that you are beautiful. You are blessed and an awesome creation by our God Almighty. You are perfectly nurtured starting from your mother’s womb and until this very moment. Your mind cannot completely contain the wonders and mystery of God. He knows every flaws and strengths you have. He knows how you decide on things, your perspectives, your ambitions, your aspirations and your heart.

Today might be a normal ordinary day or a routine. But, little we did not know how He works for our own protection every single day. There are some instances that we are stuck in a traffic that makes us grumpy, but God on His own mechanical and ordinal way is just protecting us from an accident ahead. There are many circumstances that He saves us from all these things. That’s how He works even we don’t know nothing about it. Even sometimes we are not grateful about this little things we have today. He is still loyal and all time present in our life.

Remember that God is doing the biggest part in cultivating the most desirable pearl we could ever have. He never gives up the hope that we are His children living with a purpose. Let’s begin seeking for it. Today, let God perform His biggest miracle and life-changing encounters in our life. This is worth a lifetime.


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