Healthy Lifestyle Check ✔️ Motivated to get rid of these tiny little unwanted buns in every inch of me.

I have decided to try something new this week and that something has been delayed for couple of years now. Actually when I talked about it with my friends and people around me, they just laugh and throw me the same question. “Since when? I’ve heard about that a million times already! When are you really going to put it in action?” And then,  there goes my laughing response. While I was browsing through the internet and facebook, it is always been a common thing to see videos and pictures of people who are intensively doing their work-outs. These were people who aims to fill in a swimming pool with their sweat and burn their belly fats as cooking oil! Haha…sounds motivating!
Yeah! I admit I am one of those million people out there who promised to themselves even to the whole wide world that they are going to stay fit and healthy. To get rid of the unwanted fats all over their body yet the same quote rings the bell, “IT IS REALLY DIFFICULT!!!” I believe we are all victims of hormonal change. Oh really? But, for some yeah it’s true. However in my case, I have this body built and extra awesome incredible buns of unwanted fat since high school. Actually, this body built really defines my whole college years until now. Then…there it goes! I really need to hit the arrow with my unused bow. Need to give it a try.
I believe it sounds  difficult especially when all the temptation of sweets, carbo, and fatty foods are available everywhere. Wew! How can I hide from all of these? My routine for the week goes like this…morning, cofee-bread-cookies-shower-5 mins walk to the bus stop-5-10mins bus ride-school-work-coffee break-work-sometimes gobble plates of food because of limited time for lunch-work again-home time-bus ride-5mins walk to my house-rest-then sleep for 1-2 hours-then eat carbo dinner-browse internet-then sleep again-midnight snacks sometimes-then sleep again. Repeat this 5 times a week! So, tell me? How can I be fit by all these undeniably unhealthy routine?Haha! Yeah I well deserve these buns in every inch of me!
So, here comes the present. The Now. I have decided to control my uncontrolled body emerging bubbly sacks that coats my skeleton. I think this is not only for aesthetic reason hence this is for my health also. Anybody can be a victim of a lot of disease that circulates in this world if we are weak physically. So, creating a healthy habits and lifestyle is somewhat a “must” for all people out there. Proper exercise, eating healthy food and proper hygiene are key factors for a lovely life. Then if we add these three up, we will going to get the 💯 % positive outlook in life. Because definitely it will produce the positivity in all aspects of our life including good relationships with people, positive state of mind, happiness, energetic attitude at work, creative mind and a lot more! Positive outlook means glowing. Glowing means beauty. So, let’s get ready for the positive effect it would create if we choose to stay healthy at this very moment. Wew! Actually, I am also motivating myself to loose weight so I had made a covenant to just walk all the way to school and way back home. Plus a healthy lifestyle. Well, that’s it. All what it takes is your own little decision that certainly will make change.
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#how about yours? 😊❤️

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