Heterogenous bits of me to Homogenous mixture of well-driven personality


               The real breakthrough you could ever  fractioned within yourself is the time you’ve finally discover the innate and sometimes hidden schemed characteristics and attitudes embedded in your “normal and traditionally and socially  accepted -self “. I was wondering how can we truly understand others if we ourselves still remains as a giant universe – infinite to discover. At the end of the day, after a tiring work and scheduled smile and greetings with the people around us, how elated it is to just throw ourselves among the corners of our own room. Where we can just let ourselves wear the vaccine of who we are really. But, who are we truly? I still don’t know, because for me I’m still on the process of metamorphosis. I am still trying to resemble the analogy of life and its reality. I don’t know how long it would take to know the colors of my upper and lower wings. But, I’m still igniting the evidence that I am existing here on Earth. Pinching my own cheeks, asking people if they see me, looking at the mirror and testing GPS if they can locate me. I am searching for my old photographs, my own realia and supplementary documents and information (intangible and tangible) that supports my claim that I am living here on Earth. In the PRESENT. Acting on the present situation. Typing this nonsense claim in a QWERTY keyboard.

                 Two decades of white and black. Two decades of hope and lonely nights. Two decades of shivering from a cold no one could determine why. I am still asking if really astrologers knows me? Just based on my birth month and zodiac sign. Am I truly a dreamer and charming because I like to smile? Am I truly lucky if I wear red today? Am I really going to meet my lifetime partner if I will go to the mall ? Am I be blessed with money if I let my door wide open during the night and placed the flower vase in the window pane clouded with stars?  Am I ? Am I? These really contribute confusion on my human mind  and on understanding the meaning of my existence. If that  quarter circle of a newspaper says that I am that  kind of person and predicting what will happen to my future. Really ARRRGGGGHHHHH! Why are you doing that to us! Let us find our own treasure lock, don’t give us a million of keys with the same sizes!

              Here right now. The magnificent question mark still knocking my cerebellum. Who are you? Am I the one the people dictates and continue believing that I am.Or am I the one who still needs to be unfolded and scrolled down to see its whats and whys.

               I am telling you I am no one, I am faceless until my Savior build a bridge.  A long bridge with thousands of mini steps. Slowly, afraid but trustfully walking till I see the real picture of a real and transformed me.

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