HOT AIR BALLOONS (Clarkfield Pampanga)

Have you seen bubbles hovering along the tiny dust of clouds. When the bluish skyline being parked by lovely colors and figures all around. It’s just 7am in the morning yet the majestic sun says its summer sunshine and you have to enjoy!
I would like to share a wonderful event last Sunday, February 14 (definitely Heart’s Day) – HOT AIR BALLOON FESTIVAL at Clark Freeport, Pampanga. The festivities has been awesome especially when your a type of person who loves to capture the laugh of the sky.

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All set off. These gigantic balloons brings amazement and joy among hundreds of viewers.

Even seller of mini-balloons is now ready to take a lift and fly. HAHAHA!

A very lone-dream of mine since I was a little kid has finally realized. To capture the moments and witness with my own naked eye the abduction of the group hot air balloons  to the solitude reign of the sun. I never imagined how innocent it looks like and how people has forgotten their ages once the enormous balloons has disperse along the lovely sky.
I swear the amazing view will drop your jaw.

Creativity never fails nor sleeps. I was in awe when I finally took a glimpse to the colorful and intricately-made  hot air baloons. They cames in many shapes, decoration  and diverse motif. Rightfully to say, they did a great job. These participants all around the world has the ability to to bring back the childhood that sleeps within us.

Idiomatic and figurative words all over textbooks will never been enough to describe the feeling exploding at that moment. It’s like jumping in a raw of lights, kissing, hugging the misty apprentice clouds. It hovers really. It creates a mini-world inside a world. It’s like seeing the beginning and tagging its tail.

The sun will always be the powerful and naturally-made hot air balloons of all time. It reflects the beauty  never been alone and never been selfish to share.

Balloons will be much appreciated if you ride with them and let them take you to the island across the bluish-sky.


It’s always been an amazing experience if you let them happen together with your family and friends.

Look! There’s such a road named- FRIENDSHIP HIGHWAY. That’s really nice!

When you can no longer touch any inch of your dream yet you smile and keep your feet still. Cause you’ll know they will come back and will lift you up.

Early bikers is never been late. Haha! Oh I wish I bring my “Nexus bike” too. 

The event lasted up to 8:00pm. The glowing of balloons has been great. It’s like watching the disney movie-Tangled. I just hope, they freely smash the night sky too.

Thank you for taking time reading this featured article.
Till next trip. Bye!

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