I found my true love. Think about yours.

It’s  been a long time since I lay down my chalks and walk away from chalkboards. I have forgotten the displays and even the sounds of the clutching chairs. I don’t remember anymore the crisps of a ream bond of test papers. I can’t smell any longer the ink markers on my construction papers. The bag full of teaching stuff and the early greetings of “Good mornings !” from  various innocent faces roaming around the school. I rummage my brain even to its deepest end point to find its missing memory…then my heart speaks it all. I have truly missed being with kids.
Then. Now.  Coming back to the arena  where I’m truly belong. It is at this moment.  I can say that because my heart speaks it all. Pure tentacles of happiness embraces me every time I see kids and have the chance to teach them. The aura of gladness seemingly emphasize on my cheeks. Well, I admit… forcing not to smile and  laugh are the hardest thing to do while I am living here on earth. HAHA! I don’t know. It is just my days were colored with pinks and different hues every morning. Fulfillment and satisfaction were really present and rejoice in my heart today. I will definitely treasure every moment that I have given the chance to be part of the lives of these children. We never know, a single tap of appreciation, a simple motivation and a funny conversation especially on their downfall could be their only ticket to live life with a meaning. I am just grateful today that Lord has led me to this wonderful and amazing path of teaching.
“You know what’s really the source and meaning of happiness?  It is satisfying the desire of your heart and doing what you really love to do. I found my true love. Think about yours. ”

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