Incomparable LOVE !

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What a wonderful day ! Isn’t it? As you rummage for a cup of coffee this morning have you ever thought how blessed you are? Still breathing. Still have the chance to repeat that schedule scribbled on your booklets? Have you ever thought spending life of peculiarity before sipping that coffee and before that oven toaster says finish?
That music on your ear remains as quiet as your teardrops last night. Yet that silent whine was captivated by the God above. He is saying to you right now. Cry out your problems, lay down your burdens and call unto His name. He will give you rest. At the same time you will hear sudden screech of flashbacks of how He became an amazing God to your life. He is offering His gift today. Receive His grace. Receive His salvation. We cannot truly find the contentment and real happiness in life once we never experience His presence. That kind of love. When our God offers His only begotten son, Jesus Christ to save us. Yes US! All sinners with the wretch soul and rusty life. He came to save us. With His mercy and grace. He wants us to receive His ultimate gift of salvation. We just need to open our life to Him. He knows everything. He has an inventory of your life; of what you have and what you don’t have.
How beautiful is it to know the truth. That we are walking in the truth.
Jesus loves us so dearly more than the love you could find on earth.
Incomparable love.

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