Indeed, teaching is patience.

Hello teachers! I have written this post to connect to your heart. Hands up for those teachers who are at this moment are thinking of the best motivation, effective approach and techniques just to engage our dear students for our lesson next week.

What it takes to be a teacher? I guess, I found one of the ingredients this past few week. I learned that patience, hhhhmmm, a great amount of patience is what it takes to become a successful and effective teacher. Being a teacher means to be a scolding machine for a while but a tapping system at the end. How do I say so? It is because I’ve been tested on this section of teaching life. They’ve known me as a jolly teacher, always smiles a little bit bigger than others, positive vibes and greetings vehicle inside the school. Yet, it comes the time that I need to wear the mask of the teacher with a thundering voice and angry looking-face in front of them. This event will knock the classroom especially if their actions are already off limits. I could say, I AM NOT USED TO IT. Becoming angry, shouting and pretending to be an enemy of their misbehavior. Of course, I won’t tolerate that disruptive behavior, but as I reflect, there is no use of doing such things. I believe I am not a fully grown and experienced teacher like the rest. I just thank God that I am experiencing this kind of testing.

Becoming someone, portraying someone else and searching for other teacher’s guts in handling students are not the best ways to become a teacher—the truest teacher inside of you. First, we need to be true to ourselves. If we are feeling joyful. Show it. If students touch your heart in unexpected ways, give them a lifting spirit that will boost their confidence. As I’ve learned, students are also like a small society. Not everyone will like you, but as time goes by, the word like will just fade its way from the word bank. Like will be just like an impression, love, will pave its way. Connection, communication and understanding from both poles (your north side and your student’s south pole). That’s the most crucial thing to connect because we as teacher needs to invest more on this area. However, the effect will be a lifetime. Love, compassion, respect, trust, confidence and learning will be built up in an amazing trail.

In the end, teaching is a sweet and an adventure story. It is filled up with a different genre that will cultivate life’s experiences.  It is a comedy filled with laughter, drama (ohhh! so tired of drama but still a recipe that magnifies a variety of taste inside the classroom), horror (I will call the principal!) and many more.

We, teachers, are not only a vessel of their cognitive bank, we are also investing on them our values and the way we interact with them. Their personality and their attitude are somehow congruent on how we treat them. We can build, we can also destroy. That is how powerful our words are. That is how precious our relationships with each student.

I am praying that we continue being light on their paths. Even though it is hard on the process, we can do it by the grace of God.



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