Inside Out. What's happening inside of us will sprinkle outwardly.

Did you know that the universe is residing in you? Yeah! I’m serious. The universe is in you. It is definitely present in you. It is like a million digits of stars compacted in your tiny little brain. Like a ball of wires, massive amount of electrical charges and hundreds of buttons glued in a single arena…your brain. You can’t understand me, don’t you? Well. Let’s clear out the fogs and clouds. At this moment I want you to read every single word that will collapse on this keyboard. Until the very end of the sentence and let your mega-bytes of understanding stimulates while reading every word in it. Are you ready? Please log in now and click the start button of your brain.
Afraid, alarmed,loved, annoyed, bitter, blue, cheerful, cross, delighted, depressed, eager, envious, ecstatic, frightened, furious, glad, gloomy, grumpy, homesick, irritated, miserable, nasty, scared, sick, upset, worried, disappointed, proud, satisfied, certain, curious, anxious, hesitant, miserable, uneasy, timid, excited, embarrassed, rejected, angry, joyful,  calm, rebellious, sensitive, bitter, shy, loving, alarmed, fascinated, nervous, happy, brave, terrible, guilty, frustrated, lonely, amazed and the sand dunes of feelings is continuously  filling in the tiny holes in your brain.
Whooah! I can’t believe your brain can tolerate reading until the end. Well, let us ponder the words all streamed-above. Do you know that your brain is not only a stock room of your knowledge ? It is not just a mechanical machine and memory machine that let you copy paste a formula for your math quiz. It is not just used for learning. I have found as  my age number continues to add. From childhood to adulthood and to something unexpected change within me. As the science and psychological terms processed it…our brain is a reservoir of our memories , feelings and emotions and dreams. Yeah! This half kilo muscle inside our skull really works a lot. It needs a bonus and reward sometimes. Haha! Or a vacation leave maybe? That’s why we experienced mental-block occasionally.
All our emotions and feelings becomes more sensitive as we grow older. We learn and process different feelings that human could develop in his brain. When we are a kid, we just know mainly  two emotions; happy and sad. That’s it. But now, as we are being indulge to this world full of situations that triggers our emotions…we are sometimes like a tornado were these things were steered up in our own tiny little brain. I’m sure you are all familiar with the Disney Pixar Movie – Inside Out. This movie really portrays  the development and changes a child could experience through out the phase and transition from childhood to adolescent period. A lot of emotions were punctuated in every bit of situations. It is just a reality striker for us that we are all like just Riley. A child who is taken good care by our feelings and emotions programmer; Joy, Disgust, Fear, Anger and Sadness. They all have their jobs to do. They all play a pivotal role in developing our attitudes and personality. It will just depends on who will we allow to manage the most.
Inside out. What’s happening inside of us will sprinkle outwardly.






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