jeepney 2  Coins suddenly slapped and create a Christmas sound on the floor. Close confinement makes them feel the intense fire. The Assistant Captain commanded the crowd, no one moves in their position. Perspiration covered their whole body. They can feel the transparent heat of the rude sun wedging the iron craft. The assistant captain tap on the side, commanding the head captain to stop and freely let their prison to fly. Smokes from the captain cigarette creates a fog. Like a Santa Claus chimney ,his nostrils turned to a gray ash. Then again they stop at the corner of the busy plain, to recharge and gain another bunch of them. The takeover seems so slow, the rocky road makes them tangled on their seats. Every stop over, initials their speed to bend forward and KISS the CHARMING BEAUTY in front or DODGE the UNPLEASANT CREATURE on their side.
Rumbling sounds, heterogeneous elements comes along and compiled its bombastic odor. Passengers turned to a crack of “STONEHEDGE” . Clock tick tock on it’s 13th number. The rectangular alignment of seats finally fills in. Every single inch is hardly occupied by the struggling butt to touch the plain of wooden seat. ONE MORE SPACE….LALARGA NA!, shouted by the Assistant Captain. Dora enters in the small confinement, everything seems to shallow her down. NO MORE SPACE FOR HER! Eyes stare as if she was like a MURDERER, A THEFT and a STAR? Gentlemen never lift up their head as if she has a sore eyes to spread out. There at the corner, LOLA willingly shared his thighs for her to seat in. Observing this old woman with a fragile bone, anytime, she would break down. Then , the wheels spin round, it was like a typhoon circulates in this small metal craft. She was standing at the center; perspiration corrode her. Focusing her eyes at the small window, framing the beauty outside makes her abort the struggling situation. Her knees bend,straigthen, a voltage of current infected the cartilage on her knees. “WHERE IS THE STOP OVER OF THIS PEOPLE ?—–IN THE HEAVEN? (shouted by the voices on her mind after traveling the range of mountains and rocky road. Finally, a man wearing black slowly walk out from the narrow door. What a relief from her! Her nervous system, skeletal system, and her whole body parts return on its normal functions.
jeepney3Inside the metal craft, everything is on its BALANCE EQUILIBRIUM , everyone has its THRONE TO RULE. Different personalities comes collide. Like the CASTE SYSTEM, walls dividing the crowds appear. Everyone has its edge to touch the glory. Like the HOLLYWOOD HALL OF FAME, they make their way on the top. The EINSTEIN OFFSPRING never take off his eyes on the book though it flickered like a neon lamp because of dizziness. CHARITY QUEENS, commonly their punch lines is, “NE, JUST SIT INTO MY THIGHS BECAUSE ITS GETTING DARK FOR YOU TO WAIT FOR THE NEXT TRIP.” There are also passengers who are members of PACQUIAO’S TRIBE. Bravely punch with sharp words especially when the assistant Captain doubles their fares and eagerly ask for their change. The 500 peso bill on BOB ONG’S STUDENT WALLET never fades away. LUCKILY if this bill weren’t change and the Assistant Captain let them freely step out. A CURSE for them, if their bill changes into a BAG OF PESO COINS and SCARCE WITH 20 PESOS ( Patay ang pan-tuition ni Manay). If the small metal craft stop at the navel of Pili Market Place,100% you will encounter the debate team of KRIS AQUINO VS. OPRAH WINFREY. They talked so loud, even the NUMBER OF TERMITES CORRUPTING THEIR HOUSES BECAME THEIR SUBJECT. People stares as if PARIS HILTON’S CLONE, enters wagged her GOLDEN PURSE and swiftly cleans up with tissue the small space before she sit in. MAYOR’S IMITATION lend out his wallet, 3 INCH PAPER BILLS sparks the desires on eyes. He follows the melody of ”PRICE TAG” while he makes all his PAPER BILLS as an alternative of electric fan. As he reach out his destination, He eagerly counted like a small child on the street coins from his pocket. Hoping for a tip, the Assistant Captain left out with disappointment (tip from an employee of the central bank). The entourage of TAYLOR SWIFT AND JUSTIN BEIBER CLAN creates a sudden boom. Commonly this are juveniles who activated their cellphones and LIP SYNCH their favorite star or even worse SHOUTED with their crooking voices as if they were characters of the FILM SAW. Passengers hate friends of DABIANA especially when they enter and occupy the whole side of the seats. They are commonly dodged by stares and words even, ask for additional fare by the Asst. Captain. PALITO’S CREW can be easily distinguish especially when he is mediated by those HEALTHY ANGELS OF DABIANA. MAGICIANS are also a loyal passengers, they cannot be notice because they seat on the END OF THE LINE. When the wheels stop, they only count 1, 2, 3, and ABRACADABRA! They left out without playing their fare.
Truly, riding on a jeepney makes you feel walking down THE RED CARPET OF HOLLYWOOD’S HALL OF FAME. Social system infects every personality. We are divided by INTANGIBLE WALLS build by our own ideology and perspectives. But like a DNA, we come across and collide to form our group—OUR SOCIETY. FACES FROM THE OPERA rules every dramatic scene as like riding on a SMALL METAL CRAFT WITH A FREE CHOLESTEROL BURNER— commonly called—JEEPNEY.
-Gem Villamayor

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