Just keep on moving forward ➡️✔️

Stay calm even the world tries to burst your personal bubbles. Stay focus even there’s pain in every path you take. Take courage even people around you say you can’t, say you’re worthless, say you’re below the standard.

Instead of carrying the burdens of this world, fix your eyes to your ultimate goal. It will be a hard game. Nothing is simple. Everything must go through the process. Egg won’t remain egg for a long time, they are meant to be a chicken. Caterpillar won’t remain in their cocoons forever, they are meant to have wings and fly. Just like people, our adversity on the present won’t last long, there will be a brighter future if we keep moving on.

Endure any obstacles and testing you are facing right now because it will make you even stronger and smarter in dealing life’s issues.
You are an amazing creation.

Don’t stop here.
You are created to live and enjoy life.
God is there to guide you all the way.

Gemma 🙂

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