Keep calm. Don't let anyone or anything spoils your day. 😊💯✔️

This morning as you’ve run your daily routine, you stop for a cup of coffee, yet its taste doesn’t fit your preference. The sugar looks like an iceberg underneath your coffee float, were’nt stirred properly. The aroma coudn’t even kiss your nose. You’re unsatisfied. That mainly affects your day ahead.
You’ve bought a new dress but it cannot hold your belly, buttons amazingly pop up like a wine cup. You’re unsatisfied.
You’ve paid for an overpriced buffet last night yet you are allergic with most of the food that was served.
You’ve visited a foreign country , then a taxi driver cheated on you on meter. Just a couple of minutes of driving, you’ve paid $17 and he let you go out from that taxi and transferred you to a new taxi. Then, you’ve paid another bucks. Awwws!
You’ve paid for a your monthly internet bill yet it runs soooooooooo sloooooooww! Geez! Cannot even play a 5mins youtube video.
Truly, we all have that unsatisfied face every now and then especially if the service have our money on it. Most critically if that’s our last treasured piece of money bill.
But think about this, in the circumference of our lives, we all became a customer and the service provider. We all experienced these two face; pleasing people and expecting to be pleased by the service being provided.
Keep calm eventhough it’s hard. Keep in mind that we are all running around the same circle. Don’t let this kind of situation stress you out all day. It is just a slice of bread from the whole loaf. Don’t eat its bitterness. Just get rid of that slice. It is just a matter of choice and putting our perspectives to the brighter side of life.
Smile. Inhale the fresh morning air. Exhale negativity. And go ahead with a positive spirit!
With lots of love ❤️

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